Walking to Lose Weight

Take a minute to think about the healthy eating and physical activity goal you set for yourself this past week.,What successes did you have?,What challenges did you encounter?,What helped you address those challenges?,Using your experience from last week, think about how you can prepare for the week ahead.,Think about what you did that helped you to be successful, especially if you were able to overcome any roadblocks.,You may want to continue with the same goal, or you may make a new goal that is a little more challenging to progress even,further. Sharing your goals with family, friends can give you the support you need. Write down your goal and keep it somewhere you can read it frequently.,Did you make an effort to select healthy foods this week?,__ Yes,__ No,Great! Keep up the excellent work. If you did not answer yes, then start to select healthier for weekly.,Did you participate in regular physical activity this week?,__ Yes,__ No,If you answered Yes, Excellent job!,If your answer was No, start participating in regular physical activity at least three days per week.,True or False: Most Americans get enough exercise.,__ Yes,__ No,Most Americans do not get enough exercise. The correct answer is False.,In the past 3 days, have you participated in any physical activity?,__ Yes,__ No,If you answered Yes, that is Good to hear! Physical activity is one step towards helping you stay as healthy as possible.,If your answer was No, start participating in any physical activity at least three times per week.,On average, how many minutes are you physically active each day?,__ Less than 20 minutes,__ 20-30 minutes,__ 31-60 minutes,__ 61 minutes or more,Excellent! Remember to warm up, stretch and cool down to prevent injuries.,Do you have a pedometer or other method for tracking your steps?,__ Yes,__ No,Great! Tracking your physical activity can help you set progressive goals to do more each week.,Do you know how to use your pedometer or activity tracking device?,__ Yes,__ No,It is important to recognize that you will not be able to meet the physical activity guidelines right away and that is okay! It is a physical activity target to work towards. Always listen to your body to prevent soreness or injury.,More weight-loss tips are located at bonebrothdieting.com.

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