Overdose trends verses drug addiction studies

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The Center for Disease Control alludes from the drug addiction studies that the incline in unintentional prescription drug poisonings increased by a factor of 63% between the years 1999 and 2004, what does this fact shows? The main highlighting feature in above described quote is overdose trends. On the other hand drug addiction is also causing a threat to the lives of so many people in states. The another drug addiction studies tell that approximately 14 million Americans—7.4 percent of the population —meet the diagnostic criteria for alcohol abuse or alcoholism,” and about 10.8 percent of teens aged 12 to 17 have tried illicit drugs. This is quoted by a survey done on drug addiction. Most of the medical treatments done here gradually are getting based upon prescription drugs, which are prescribed by doctors or practitioners. Plethoras of care consumers are swallowing multiple narcotic and other drugs on a daily basis. As a consequence, harmful interface between divergent prescriptions or even from other opposite effect medications is most prominent. You can avoid accidental usage of the drugs, as the quantity of drugs does matter. If you are taking less medicine than prescribed then it is certainly useless because it cannot give the required result. On the other hand overdose trends are pathetic and scary. The first thing you need to take care is the right amount of medicine. There is a simple precaution you can take to lower you risk of an overdose or harmful drug interaction.,Generally it is written in the prescription and even on the cover of the medicine that how much over dosage can be harmful and to what extent it can be harmful. This also alludes that what effects it has?,No doubt, illegal drugs are too much harmful. They take us to the mouth of purgatory, but that is no doubt an intentional swallowing of the narcotics, and the user knows the results or the consequences. On the other hand when by mistake or in the unintentional way you consume the drug than you are certainly an innocent user, so don’t you think it is too much important to avoid ourselves from the uncertainties by the usage of overdose trends. Some time when we are not recovering from the illness or the prolonged disease, w e can take and over dosage of the prescribed drug to recover soon. It is really calling an uncertainty and can cause to dreadful death.

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