Benefits of Using Olive Oil

Olive oil also works wonders to ensure that the body’s digestive system works optimal. It helps to cure ulcers and also lowers gastritis. It also improves the functioning of the gall bladder and helps to reduce the chances of colon cancer. Extra virgin oils are the mostly demanded and they have been used to treat arthritis.,Extra virgin oils are also rich in essential fatty acids which ensure proper functioning of the body. Olive oil contains oleic acid which works against breast cancer. This property of oleic acid has been proved in laboratory researches. Olive oils especially extra virgin oils are the purest form of vegetable oils and can be used in its native form. One must be very careful while buying extra virgin olive oils as there are many fake ones in the market. Extra virgin olive oil is the most pure, nutrient concentrated olive oil derived from the first pressing of the oil from hand picked olives rich in taste and flavor.,Adding a little of flavored natural seasonings to olive oil makes it tastier and loved by Italians. The infused olive oils are used to dip breads or drizzled over salads or pasta. Infused oils are prepared in several different ways, but special care is taken to ensure that the quality and virginity of the olive oil is not lost thus. Infused olive oils have all the positive properties of olive oils and yet have an increased flavor. People choose the flavor of the infused olive oils based on their specific taste.,There is still research going on, leading to newer findings about the health aspects of olive oils. The olive oils come in various concentrations of poly phenols and levels above 220 are considered the best for health. Olive oils have been recommended for diabetes patients as they work to reduce insulin resistance in type 1 diabetic patients. The mono-unsaturated fats have been also found to give a fullness felling thus decreasing appetite. This is controlled by the appetite suppressing hormone, Leptin which is activated by olive oil. Pure or Light olive oils are over processed, extracted oils which are of lower grade than extra virgin oils.

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