Why Physical Education is necessary

Some people are very lazy and very weak. People are supposed to be active in life to be healthy. Physical education is made to keep people fit and active. Kids, as well as grown-ups, get advantages from doing standard exercises frequently. There are a lot of advantages to doing standard exercises. Some of the advantages are that standard exercises make our muscles stronger, gives us calcium to strengthen our bones. Our hearts, muscles, and bones need calcium to work properly. Standard exercises also increase our stamina and allow us to not get tired easily. It prevents us from falling sick or get a certain disease. Physical education can be done anywhere. Some must be done in the field, but some can be done at home. Example of physical education games is soccer, handball, ultimate frisbees and many other activities that give us more energy and keeps us strong. Many children do not have a great amount of participation level. Physical education can help to increase the participation skills of a person. Physical Education came from the 1800s and is very essential to know its history too. This is because the games we have now are mostly invented from the past and it explains the hard work people did to motivate them. So, physical education plays a very important role in our life.,History of Physical Education,The history of physical education goes long back to the 1800s. Physical education was started as a course in approximately 1820. There used to be sports like gymnastics, long jump, high jump, and way more games that took a lot of hard work. There was still a benefit to the people doing physical education. From then on, special sports events were held to encourage physical education. People like Diocletian Lewis created institutions where physical education could be practiced. In the olden days, only men could do sports. In physical education competitions, only men were allowed to participate. There was a lot of restriction for women. Diocletian Lewis was the one to create institutions that women were allowed to go in. From this time, women were allowed to participate in tournaments. In the 1920s, physical education became a part of a course for girls, especially those who were in high school. There are more games that women participate in than men do. The physical education course that we use currently is way different than the one they used in the olden times. There are other sports like soccer that help them too. Very few people play games like long-jump or even games like the high jump. There are a few changes in the system itself in physical education over these years. There used to be a lot of people doing P.E together. There was not a lot of equipment to use before. There used to be no care about health in P.E. The only purpose of P.E used to be the type of skills people had.,The Influence of physical education on children,Physical education has an impact on children in many ways. The first way is physical. Physical education helps children to comprehend the importance of health. It also helps the student to understand that physical education can lead them to a healthy life, and they could get better skills and it would help them in improving their participation level. Physical education can be good for anxious and nervous people.,The other way that physical education has an impact on children is social. Physical education helps a child to interact with other children. According to Lee Schafer and Derek Wasyliw, physical education helps children to learn skills like “communication tolerance, trust, empathy, and respect for others. They also learn positive team skills including cooperation, leadership, cohesion, and responsibility”. Children also get to learn to collaborate with others, they also learn how to give guidance and it encourages them to involve in other activities.,The last way that physical education has an impact on children is emotional. Physical education gives a mental advantage to your mental health, it relieves your stress level and worries about anything that keeps you worry or makes you sad. Physical education also helps us to be patient. In addition, it helps us to our emotions like you will not get furious fast. It also increases your self-confidence.,Risks and Hazards of physical education and how to be safe,There are a lot of risks and hazards while doing physical education. Everything has good effects and bad effects. Even though physical education is necessary for life, it is also dangerous. It is only dangerous when people do not focus and do not follow instructions. A person that is in a physical education course needs to be very careful and pay attention to what their trainer is saying. When a person gets distracted and does not focus on what he is doing, he loses balance and falls. One more reason for no focus is too much food. When a person does physical education after eating food, they cannot run a lot or do something that will require their energy. Sometimes they also lose balance because their stomach does not allow them to balance and in the end, they just fall. People that do not have self-confidence in themselves cannot do any exercise because they do not trust themselves and cannot succeed. Physical education’s most major injuries have been fractures, sprain, and ankle twist, and muscle tearing. Most of these injuries also happen because of the tool that people use incorrectly.,Some ways can prevent you from getting injured. These details are meant for both people and their trainers. Physical education can be done very peacefully with calmly. We just need to put our focus on what we are doing and keep concentrating on it. We should be very disciplined in what we are doing. The second thing that should be done is that there should always be the usage of the right equipment on the right field of playing. You might get injured if you play soccer with a basketball. Trainers and other teachers should always have their first aid kit ready no matter what happens. The field should be double-checked before playing on it. The equipment that people use should always be double-checked and be repaired.,In conclusion, physical education plays an extremely important role in our lives. Every one of us should be doing regular exercises every day with the right equipment on the right field. Physical has a great impact on children and other people. Physical education was made in the 1800s and women started doing the course of physical education around the 1900s. Physical education has a great change from the physical education thought now and physical education thought now. Always remember to do the course of physical education to make your life healthy and powerful.

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