What Food Can I Eat And What Food to Avoid to Beat Cancer?

One of the major problems with our health care system is that doctors know virtually nothing about nutrition and yet nutrition is vitally important for anyone battling cancer. For instance the correct food will fight cancer whereas the wrong food will fuel cancer and our overcooked and over processed food we now eat everyday in which all supermarkets are full of, is the foremost reason why there is so much.,We are all ignorant about cancer and we are kept ignorant on its many causes. If we knew what we could do to help ourselves most people would make simple lifestyle changes to increase their odds of success with the disease. Cancer is purely a reminder that you are not living as you are supposed to so it’s time to change direction. We should be able to turn to our doctors for helpful information but they are only educated by pharmaceutical companies who have total control over our health care system with their drug based medicine.,The food we eat does matter and to a cancer patient it is crucial in overcoming the disease. We are what we eat and our food is our fuel that keeps us healthy. The cancer rate over the last 30 to 40 years has been increasing alarmingly and our diets have also changed over this same period. We have moved away from eating food in its natural state to food that’s been processed and interfered with by man for profit.,Many people have actually reversed their cancer by doing nothing more that changing their diet. A hundred years ago when cancer was rare we were all eating fresh fruit and veggies, fresh bread that was made from flour that wasn’t refined, beef that was raised on grass, fresh eggs from free range chooks and cow’s milk that wasn’t pasteurized. But today most of our food is processed, is laden with salt or refined sugar and most of it contains many of the one thousand additives that are added to our food to increase its shelf life and to help it sell.,The reason food is related to cancer is that the typical western diet is highly acidic which means there is an imbalance within the body. All food is either alkaline or acid and we are supposed to consume 80 percent of it being alkaline and the other 20 percent can be acidic. Acidic foods are white flour, cakes, pastries and cookies, cheese, ice cream, bacon, alcohol and sugary drinks. Our unnatural diet and lifestyle is creating the problem of cancer.,The food we should be eating is a plant based diet, many of which have been labelled as cancer fighting food. These should be the mainstay to your diet and all of these foods are alkaline. At the top of the list are cruciferous vegetables of which broccoli is one of them, also all fresh fruit, lettuces, pumpkin, potatoes, tomatoes, onions and citrus fruit are other examples. A strict diet of our natural food that’s been designed for human beings can perform miracles in removing cancer naturally.,The highest rates of both breast and prostate cancers in the world are in the country of Iceland. The people there are all blaming faulty genes and it’s easy to blame something that’s beyond their control but the main cause is their wrong food choices. Being situated so far north, they can’t grow fresh fruit and vegetables and what little is available is shipped in from warmer countries further south. The diet of these people is mainly beef, fish and dairy products and they eat very little of the plant based diet that is full of phytochemicals which are known to keep cancer at bay.,We have all been given by God a self help mechanism which is your immune system and it will help the body remove cancer naturally. You do that by eating the correct food and making other simple lifestyle changes.,The most powerful weapon against cancer is the food you choose to eat everyday and nutrition is the key to beating the disease.

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