Things to Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

Have you ever drooled over the never-ending, lustrous locks of celebrities? Chances are that you have been getting envious over fake hair because most celebrities use hair extensions to instantly switch up their looks for special occasions. Extensions are the secret weapon in the kit of hair stylists that can transform a bob into flowing mermaid hair in minutes. So, if you have always wanted locks like your favourite celebrity, you just have to speak to the hair extensions specialists and get extensions. But, before you do that, below given are some of the things that you need to know about extensions.,Extension types,Broadly speaking, there are two types of extensions – permanent and non-permanent. The right extension for you will depend on the final look that you are trying to achieve, the purpose behind getting them, your budget and your natural hair.,Permanent extensions include tape-ins and keratin bond attachments. Tape-ins are attached to thick sections of natural hair with the help of double-sided tapes and they adhere to small sections of the hair, which is close to the scalp. Tape extensions must be fitted by an experienced extensionist or stylist and must be refitted after every 8 weeks. This type of extension lasts for about 6 months, but it can also last for a year if proper care is taken. Users can carry out all normal activities including working out and swimming wearing tape-ins.,Keratin bond attachments are quite similar to tape-ins, but this type of extension takes small circular strands that bonds to the natural hair with keratin attachments. New bonds usually last up to 6 months and they need to be tightened every 6 to 8 weeks. An appointment for keratin bond attachment can take anywhere between 3 to 5 hours. It depends on the number of bonds that you want to get fitted.,As for non-permanent extensions, clip-ins are the most popular and commonly used. Clip-in extensions help to instantly add volume and length. Users can even add colour by choosing a lighter colour than their own hair. The lifespan of this type of extension depends on how well the strands are maintained by the user. Typically, they last for about a year if the user has not done a lot of hair treatments like, dying, colouring, straightening and curling on the extensions.,Synthetic or real hair,Once you have decided the right extension type for your hair, it is crucial to choose between synthetic and real hair extensions. The hair extensions specialists always recommend getting extensions made from real human hair as it looks natural. Synthetic hair shines a lot and that gives it an unnatural appeal. Also, you cannot put synthetic hair under any kind of heat treatment. It will start to burn. On the other hand, human hair extensions can be styled in any way that you choose. You can cut, colour or heat-style your extensions without any worry.,Extension care tips,If you want your extensions to last longer, you need to take proper care of it. You need to treat it like your natural hair. Some of the maintenance and care tips are given below.,So, now that you have enough idea about extensions and their types, you simply need to reach out to an extension specialist. A professional extensionist will tell you which type is perfect for your natural hair. Whilst clip-ins can be fitted on your own, tape-ins and keratin bond attachments must always be applied by professionals.,Louise Bailey is the go-to hair extensionist in the UK. She is one of the hair extensions specialists who boast of an international client base consisting of celebrities and pop stars. Louise’s expertise lies in pre-bonded keratin attachments, as well as, tape-ins. She also offers a broad range of clip-in extensions.,

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