Top Essential Oils for University Students

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In recent years, natural study aids have become more and more popular on campuses nationwide. While coffee will always be number one in our hearts, essential oils have increasingly become the norm for helping students stay focused throughout the semester.,While we often think as essential oils as simply nice aromas, they also contain some pretty beneficial properties that can help boost focus and mental alertness. They can even be useful for helping ease anxiety and pre-test nerves. As there are hundreds of different essential oils (literally), below we list our top three essential oils every university student should have to help them get through any late-night study group or crazy exam schedule.,Ace Your Study Session with Vetiver Essential Oil,For many students, one of the most challenging parts of university is being able to focus and really study. It seems like there are a million everyday distractions (hello Instagram) that make studying next to impossible.,For a natural study aid, try using vetiver essential oil during your next study session. Known for its calming properties, vetiver is considered one of the top essential oils for studying and concentration.,While vetiver essential oil has several uses, its commonly used to improve exhaustion, stress or insomnia.,Vetiver essential oil has also been studied for its effects on mental focus and concentration in children with ADHD. Results showed that after daily inhalation, vetiver essential oil helped control distracting ADHD symptoms and boosted post-treatment test scores by 32 percent.,To use vetiver essential oil, add 2-3 drops to a diffuser filled with water. As vetiver has a notable earthy aroma, you may want to check with your floor supervisor before running in your dorm room.,Boost Energy with Lemon Essential Oil,Whether it’s for an early morning class or study break, sometime we need a little extra energy to get up and going. The next time you reach for a coffee, try using some lemon essential oil instead.,Considered a stimulating essential oil, lemon essential oil’s citrusy scent has been noted to help energize, improve mood, reduce stress and promote mental focus and clarity.,Clinical studies have noted that lemon essential oil may influence dopamine in the brain causing an anti-depressant like effect.2 It’s also been shown to help relieve stress and calm nausea.,Get a Good Night’s Sleep with Lavender Essential Oil,University can sometimes feel like a constant juggling act of deadlines, midterms, papers and late-night cramming sessions. With increasing pressure to pass courses, students are often left feeling anxious, stressed, and fatigued.,To help calm pre-exam nerves and get a good night’s sleep, try the calming aroma of lavender essential oil. As one of the most popular essential oils, lavender is a must-have for every university student. Research has shown that lavender essential oil can help promote sleep, improve sleep quality, soothe anxiety and depression and even help manage migraine pain.,To promote relaxation and have your dorm room smelling great, add 3-4 drops of lavender essential oil to a diffuser filled with water. To help manage test anxiety, add a drop of lavender essential oil to the collar of your shirt to help keep you calm and relaxed throughout the day.,Jessie Green has a passion for writing, wellness, and essential oils.,Sources:,,,,

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