How To Increase Testosterone?

  • Author Tanako Takanawa
  • Published November 5, 2020
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Testosterone sex hormone is found in both men and women. However, only a small amount of it is found in women. In man, it is produced in the testicles, but in women, it is produced in the ovaries. Besides, it is also produced in the adrenal glands but the amount is quite low. Both genders should make sure that they have plenty of testosterone. In this article, we are going to find out how you can increase your testosterone. We are going to discuss five ways that may help you achieve this goal.

  1. Exercise regularly

If you want to prevent several lifestyle-related issues, you may want to exercise on a regular basis. It is interesting to note that exercise can boost your testosterone. According to a research study, people who exercise on a regular basis experienced a higher level of testosterone.

Another study involving 20 men found that a higher level of physical activity is beneficial for those who want to lose weight as well as increased their testosterone level.

  1. Eat fats, carbs, and protein

The type of food you consume affects your testosterone and other hormones. Therefore, you may want to keep tabs on your long-term in calories. Apart from this, you may want to review your diet strategy as well. If you are overeating, it can disrupt your hormone levels.

If you eat plenty of protein, it can help you lose weight, which is linked with your testosterone levels. Apart from this, your corporate carbohydrate intake should also be moderate.

  1. Minimize your Stress

According to the latest research studies, long-term stress can have devastating effects on your health. It can increase the cortisol hormone levels in your body. Abnormally high levels of cortisol may reduce the production of testosterone.

A high level of cortisol and stress may boost your food intake. As a result, the fat reserves in your body will expand and will have a negative impact on your sexual health. Therefore, you may want to exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep to keep your stress levels under control.

  1. Take Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D is on the list of most popular vitamins. According to research studies, this vitamin offers a lot of health benefits. Among all these benefits, vitamin D works as a testosterone booster. According to statistics, almost 50% of Americans don’t get enough Vitamin D.

Therefore, if you are deficient in this vitamin, we suggest that you consume Vitamin D supplements to make sure your body has plenty of Vitamin D.

  1. Take multivitamins

Although there is a difference of opinion as far as the benefits of multivitamins are concerned, some specific minerals and vitamins are quite beneficial without any doubt. Therefore, you may want to have Vitamin B and Zinc supplements as they can increase the production of sperm by up to 74%. Similarly, zinc can also have a positive impact on your testosterone levels.

Long story short, these are just some of the ways that can help you increase your testosterone levels in an easy way.

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