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  • Published March 19, 2021
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Weight loss with HB5 supplements

Dr. Wood is an expert on hormonal blocks and their effect on weight gain. He has developed the HB5: a supplement that helps metabolism to go up a gear and burn fat.

This knowledge about hormonal blocks helps remove the guilty complex attached to weight gain. The adverse side effects of weight gain, if well modified, can save lives. A heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease are tell-tale events that follow obesity. These life-events can be financially and emotionally draining. The way out of this mess starts when the exact origin of the problem is known.

We know that there are hormonal blocks, five of them, that modify our metabolism and often lead to weight gain. They are hormones produced in the body.

Thyroid hormones, such as T3 and T4 are substances that help change and fat into energy. When they don’t function properly, the body metabolism stores the calories as fat. The brain could be the next to take the hit as flat thyroid hormones won’t allow the release of energy to brain cells. Brain fogginess could result afterward.

Cortisol: This hormone often called the stress hormone is released when one experiences stress. The experience one gets when you are being chased by a 200 pounds, pounding lion. This same type of stress could be brought up by day-to-day activities such as a demanding job, a rocky relationship, and a challenging child. The brain is programmed to interpret all these events as stressful. It ends up turning off the switch of your metabolism, and digestion. Fat accumulates, and weight gain sets in.

Estrogen: This hormone is often in a state of imbalance with progesterone. Estrogen is a promoter of fat deposition especially around the waist and the lower abdomen.

This imbalance comes up especially as women age. High estrogen levels will pull down the effects of thyroid hormone.

The 4th hormonal block is one hormone you might have heard before and that is insulin.

Insulin is produced by the pancreas and its levels are increased after a meal. Insulin deposits sugar as glycogen in the muscles, however, once these muscle stores are filled up, the body starts to deposits excess glycogen as fat. This worsens the weight loss cycle.

Leptin is the 5th hormonal block. It can do a lot of harm to fat metabolism when it works in an unguarded fashion. When it functions normally, the feeling of satiety comes after a normal meal but when its functions become erratic, due to fat deposition from the other 4 hormonal blocks, the brain stops processing leptin signals. This finally leads to poor control over excessive feeding.


Weight gain often leads to a feeling of depression and self-degradation. The sleepless night, the low-energy periods, the times of brain fogginess, and the labile moods are attributable to the recently explained hormonal blocks.

The hormonal blocks explain them all; the origin of weight gain and the inability to control weight despite drug therapies, lifestyle changes, and dietary discretions.


The simple way to go about addressing this situation will be to target all the hormonal blocks. Nature has provided a wide array of food substances that have abundant supplements. These supplements help improve and stabilize the function of all the hormones we have highlighted.

Iodine is found in kelp and it promotes the efficient production of copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, and selenium all help the movement of thyroid hormone into the bloodstream.

Rhodiola; a flowering plant helps to modulate the productions of less excess cortisol.

Red Ginseng another HB5 ingredient also helps to decrease cortisol levels and reduce stress.

Diindolylmethane occurs naturally in vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. Estrogen is broken down into better alternatives when diindolylmethane acts on it. This improves metabolism and promotes weight loss.

Cinnamon has been studied over the years and has shown that its diet supplementation helped increase fat burning and reduced waist circumference drastically.

African mango when ingested leads to great improvement in leptin levels. This ultimately leads to improved awareness of fullness and reduces the consumption of unhealthy meals.

HB5 is the best source for all the ingredients

There is no need to spend extra money on buying separate supplements which contain different individual ingredients. HB5 combines them all at a reduced cost.

Click on the link below to find out the price

HB5 manufacturing

HB5 is produced in the USA, under stringent conditions, and in facilities that are GMP certified and FDA compliant. Each batch of HB5 is further scrutinized at an independent third-party laboratory. The HB5 supplement contains pristine ingredients that are sustainably sourced from around the world.

HB5 price

A single bottle can be ordered for as low as 49 dollars but the price goes down even more with the six-bottle option when you pay 29 dollars per bottle. Supplement supply ranges from a month to 6 months.

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The benefits of using HB5

This supplement will provide the above-listed ingredients which are needed to increase your metabolism, leading to fat burning and weight loss. This will lead to a beautiful appearance and also much-improved health. Brain fogginess will decrease while also improving and sustaining a better mood.

Hb5 dose

The dosing regimen for HB5 is 3 capsules each day and can be taken with or without food. These capsules are small and are suitable for easy swallowing. They can also be taken anytime during the day. A missed dose in the morning can be retaken in the evening.

HB5 testimonials

From the moment I began using HB5, I could feel things changing in my body.

I started having more energy in the morning. That energy was lasting through the day, without any spikes and crashes. Plus I was sleeping through the night and actually waking up feeling rested. My anxiety started subsided almost right away too. It felt like the fog around my brain was lifting for the first time in ages. And I found myself smiling a whole lot of the day. Because my mood was just so much better. And of course then there’s the weight loss. For me personally, I lost 34lbs in around two months of using HB5. And while everyone’s body is different and results will always vary. I’m excited to say that I’m far from the only person who loves their experience with HB5.

Mary-Anne from Arkansas testimonial

“I had my doubts, but a week after using HB5 my husband noticed I didn’t have problems getting up in the morning. I was also sleeping better. I had more energy throughout the day, and I felt so good I started going to Yoga again. I missed feeling like this! Now I’m back and my husband and kids are so happy. Oh and I didn’t even get to the weight loss. The numbers on the scale are ticking down instead of up. This is the first time in a long time that’s happened. I’m so pleased and thankful!”

Amy from Colorado testimonial

“I’ve been using HB5 for 3 weeks and frankly, I’ve never felt so good! My energy levels are sky-high (even though I’m 61). And my body has already changed. I’ve lost fat and gained muscle. My sleep is better and I feel younger and less bloated. And I’m confident it will only get better in the future!”

Dana from Florida testimonial

“I was skeptical before ordering, but I decided to buy it anyway. And I have zero regrets! HB5 acts on my whole body. My heartburn and dizziness are gone. And I wake up fast and my energy levels are high throughout the day. That’s before I even mention the fat loss! I lost 8 pounds in the first 15 days and couldn’t be happier. So thank you, I’m so glad I discovered HB5”

HB5 money-back guarantee

HB5 is backed with a full 3 months, 100% Money Back Guarantee. An email or a call to the website listed contact and support team for a refund will be processed in the shortest time possible.

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