Why Hand-tied Hair Extensions?

Hand-tied hair extensions are a big investment, but absolutely worth it! It’s important to research and ask any questions before consulting with a stylist and installing your Hairlaya hand-tied extensions.,1、What are the benefits of hand-tied extensions?,Hand-tied extensions add length, volume and thickness to your natural hair! Hairlaya’s hand-tied extensions are comfortable, blend well and seamless with your natural hair. Hand-tied extensions are easy to style and do not contain tape, tracks or clips that are visible when you put your hair up.,2、Does your hair need to be a certain length or style for hand-tied extensions?,For the best results from your Hairlaya hand-tied hair extensions, your hair should be at least shoulder-length and straight. If you’re looking for wavy or curly options, our sister brand lustrohair.com has plenty of options!,3、Are hand-tied extensions comfortable to wear?,Yes! Hairlaya has tested the comfortability of our hand-tied extensions to make the experience seamless and pleasant. Hairlaya wefts are comfortable and lay gently against the scalp.,4、How long do hand-tied extensions last?,They can last up to 12 months, with proper care and maintenance. This maintenance requires your wefts being moved up every eight weeks so they continue to meld with your natural hair. Proper care for your hand-tied extensions involves using sulfate- and silicone-free products, to avoid harsh cleansers and heavy oils destroying the weft.,5、How long does it take to get the hair installed?,Installation takes four to six hours. This varies on the skill and experience of your stylist. If you are looking for the right stylist to help you with purchasing and installing your Hairlaya hand-tied extensions, check out the Hairlaya Salon Locator for recommendations!,6、How much do hand-tied extensions cost, on average?,Purchasing hand-tied extensions and having them installed costs around $800 to $1200. Having a consultation with a stylist will give you an estimate of the price for you!,7、What is the benefit of of Hand Tied extension vs the tape or clip ins?,Hand tied exnteions have a more seamless and natural look, and they are healthier for your hair than tape ins. Clip ins are temporary, and you have to put them in and take them out everyday. You cannot wear your hair up with tape in extensions, unlike hand tied. If you do there is more of a chance of damaging your natural hair.,8、How can you make sure it will match your hair color?,Your stylist will match your extensions to your hair color. Just make sure you are going to a reputable and licensed cosmetologist who is trained in the method you are asking for.,Hairlaya double drawn, hand-tied extensions. The highest quality hair, with comfort ability at the forefront.,https://hairlaya.com/,

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