A good night’s sleep is one of the best way to keep healthy and happy, so if your mattress that can adversely affect your sleep, it’s time to start to buy a new bed. You may be overwhelmed with a large number of available options, but this is easy to follow guide (including the opinions of the experts from Advisor Mattress) shows you how to choose the right Mattress with three simple steps.

Below, you will find the time you want to change the mattress, and where to find the best bed should choose according to your sleep patterns and budget material type and hardness of the level of information. You will soon fall asleep.

Step 1: determine whether need to replace your mattress
How often do you should change the mattress? When deciding whether to invest to buy a new bed, bed’s age is an important factor to consider. The average life span for the mattress is seven to ten years. No matter how good the structure of the bed, daily wear and tear will worsen the quality of the mattress over time. The decline will affect the support structure of the bed and lead to the entire night general discomfort.

“No matter how old your mattress, if you start to wake up because of the pain, noticed that a mattress prolapse or lump, or feel uncomfortable in the ground to sink into the bed, so it may be time to abandon the mattress,” Dr Michael Bruce, a board certified sleep expert in Los Angeles (also known as “sleep” the doctor told the Health.


Step 2: where to buy mattress
Once you have decided to buy a new mattress, there are many places to see. You can store the mattress, department stores and shopping malls to find all kinds of bed, or you can search online comfortably mattress brand in the home.

In-store and online
Entity will allow you to a bed mattress store home test bed, and they usually have experts in the field can help you find the perfect fit. However, over the years, become more and more popular, online mattress because they are usually cheaper than the same products showroom. Through online, you can directly buy from retailers, thereby reducing the dealer price. Another advantage of online shopping is any bed can provide a large amount of information, including useful customer comments.

Companies tend to provide online mattress sleep for a long time test (sometimes up to one year) and a generous return policy, so before you can submit test bed at home. If you choose to purchase online mattress, it is likely to be in a box bed mattress, this means that it will be packed in a compact boxes. When you open the packaging of the bed, it will begin to swell to complete the shape and size, and should be ready in a few hours sleep.

Here are the three best on the market today one-piece mattress mattress:

The best overall: DreamCloud – this hybrid mattress made from a mix of coil and foam, with a comfortable ZhenTouDing and cashmere, bring the comfortable five-star hotel to your home. DreamCloud luxury hybrid version, $1598; Dreamcloudsleep.com
The best varieties: Helix – the brand is the most popular model of medium hardness of Helix Midnight, equipped with a cooling to the hot sleep mask. But the Helix series also includes from luxury to solid bed, to adapt to all types of sleeping. Helix Midnight, $1099; helixsleep.com
Best budget: honey, the price of this piece of bed below $900, a queen-size bed also provide lifetime warranty and one year trial of sleep, if you think it is not appropriate, you can return your purchase at no extra charge. The honey memory cotton, $1298; nectarsleep.com

Step 3: choose your favorite mattress materials and hardness level
As this guide has been established, a large number of brands on the market. But there are also many different materials need to filter, some stronger than others. So, how do you begin to choose to suit your particular sleep patterns of mattress? Before click the order button, please consider these three factors.

The mattress type and material
Built-in spring

Built-in spring mattress is often considered the most traditional type of mattress, contains a row or multiple rows of steel roll, sandwiched between the thin foam layer. These bed breathable, support and response to the movement, but the coil does not conform to the contours of the body, and built-in spring may not have been known to provide good pressure release.

Our recommendation: Saatva Classic, $1675; The satellite network

Memory foam

Memory foam mattress made of multi-layer soft foam around the curve of your outline outline, to alleviate the pressure and isolation movement. Despite the memory foam will not get the favour of hot sleepers, because it absorbs body heat, but some memory foam bed by injection of gel foam, graphite and other cooling material to fight night sweats. Add cooling on your bed mattress is another method to avoid overheating at night.

Our recommendation: as Nectar Memory terms, $899 ($1298) original value; nectarsleep.com


The outline of memory foam latex mattress the feeling of comfort and the elegance of coil. This combination provides the pressure release and the ability to easily switch position. Latex also very durable, service life of the traditional mattress usually between 7 to 10 years, and the service life of the latex mattresses can be up to 20 years.

Our recommendation: natural birch, $1499; Birch life net


Mixed mattress is made from two or more types of mattress, usually memory foam and coil. When combining the best features of a variety of materials, you will get strong support structure and buffer alleviate the pressure of the hips and shoulders, etc.

Our recommendation: Brooklyn Signature Hybrid, $1124; brooklynbedding.com

Reward all-natural recommendation: avocado green, $1499; avocadogreenmattress.com


An adjustable bed by a mattress, depending on your sleep needs to rest on the adjustable bedstead, it can raise or lower. Patients with back pain like this type of bed, because it can let them control tilt and help maintain a healthy spine alignment. In some cases, the known adjustable bed can ease sleep apnea. In addition, some of the preprogrammed with “anti snoring” mechanism, can turn your head tilted to a specific location to help reduce snoring.

Our recommendation: Saatva Solaire, $3125, saatva.com

Mattress hardness measure is from 1 to 10, one of the most soft, 10 for most hard. Who want a soft mattress sleepers, with three or four may be sufficient, and those looking for a hard mattress firmness level bed should be considered in the scope of seven to eight beds.

Hardness of 5 or 6 medium hardness of the mattress tend to suit all sleeping position, if you’re not sure what kind of feeling that oneself like, is a safe option. If you have a back problem, model of medium hardness, such as Puffy Mattress) can maintain the correct spinal alignment to help relieve pressure in the lower back.

After buying a mattress, you can through a variety of accessories to adjust the firmness of sleep. Soft mattress covers, for example, is a simple way to soften hard bed. Another option is to buy like Layla Hybrid such reversible mattress. It on one side of the medium soft, on the other side of medium hardness, allows you to switch when you need to change.

Sleeping position
Side sleeper

For side sleepers best mattress pad pressure points along the body. If you are of this type of sleepers, medium hardness mattress will be through the use of the support layer to keep your spine aligned, surface at the same time provide a comfortable sleep. For cooling bed side sleepers, Bear what you have into graphite gel foam layer, to disperse the body heat.

Lie on your back,

Lie on your back, need strong support, in order to maintain neutral spine throughout the night. If in this position on the lower back, too much pressure, can lead to pain. Typically, a firm mattress with a support coil is lie on your back is the perfect choice.

Stomach pillow

Sprawled sleep need to provide strong support to the spine, and relieve the pressure on the chest and shoulders around. Medium-hard to hard mattess, coil with soft comfortable and strong, can help to get bed comfortable rest at night.

Combination of sleepers

For the combination of sleep – those who change positions at night – medium hardness level is ideal, because it is suitable for any sleep position. If you tend to toss and turn, you also need to look for can quickly adapt to the response type bed of your action. Like a Cocoon Chill so that mattress use density memory foam layer to promote sports isolation, if you sleep with partner and don’t want to disturb their sleep, this is the ideal choice.

To summarize, once you determine the old bed is no longer suitable for you, please before buying new bed were studied. Online shopping compared to browse in conventional stores, each have advantages and disadvantages, but using a one-piece mattresses usually can save more money.

When choosing mattess type and hardness level, please consider your sleep patterns and how do you define your comfort level. When you begin to explore different brands, to add this guide to bookmark for your reference. Happy hunting!

Jillian Mueller is Mattress Advisor health and lifestyle writer.

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