Why Agbo (Herbal Concoction) is a Best Seller

Have you ever had anyone tell you “I would rather drink agbo than take any of the medication they give in hospitals’”? Well, I bet you have, even if not directly but at least within earshot.,Agbo is a well-known herbal mixture and a popularly used remedy for most common illnesses. It is what most people would consider a hit – best seller. It has a ‘wonderful” taste that folks with sweet tooth like myself won’t even attempt trying. Its praise is all over the internet, just one click and all its glory would be before your eyes.,Although I cannot speak of its efficacy, I can definitely assure you of its affordability. This is one thing modern medicine cannot boast of right now.,How many people have suffered financial hardship, just because they attempt to access quality healthcare for themselves or loved ones? They cost of consulting a doctor, running laboratory diagnostics or purchasing drugs is up the roof and a lot of people don’t have that much money lying around for medical care or emergencies.,What if I tell you there is good news, that you don’t have to pay out of pocket again to access quality healthcare – most of you won’t believe me, and frankly speaking I don’t blame you because this country e get as e be!,The sector has its issues – yes! Below are some advocacy models I propose to increase uptake of health insurance services,· Advocacy visits to relevant religious, political and traditional rulers and stakeholders.,· Health insurance fair; typically modelled after a trade fair, different HMOs and prospects brought together. HMOs would sell their offerings to prospects (large organizations, SMEs, NGOs and individuals) and prospects would then make informed decisions before shopping for a plan.,· Creation of radio dramas and jingles that are relatable, in different languages and themes, targeted at different audiences, all with a clear message talking about Health insurance.,· Purchase of various air times on radio (different radio stations), continuously talking about health insurance, with different themes, topics and twists to make each episode seem refreshing and also educative.,· Creation of TV series starring great and popular actors and crew members, with health insurance as a strong theme, hence partnership with production houses for tv series, web series and movies that would not only show mainstream but also online taking advantage of online streaming platforms.,· Partnerships with popular artists to sing songs about the importance of health insurance in a refreshing and trending manner.,· Town hall meetings.,· Educational competitions between students; secondary and tertiary institutions about health insurance, with outstanding prizes such as health plans for winners and their families, a friend, a neighbour and a teacher/lecturer.,· Grants to business men/women (market men/women) who can show proof that they have enrolled with their families for any health insurance plan for at least one year.,· More symposiums and public awareness campaigns.,· Press conferences organized to carry the press and public along.,· Taking great advantage of social media.,· Closed door meetings between NHIS, HMOs and other relevant stakeholders to drive public private partnerships.,Getting a health insurance plan provides you the luxury of options that poverty has taken away. A health insurance plan is not just a cover, but a shield, defense and one way ticket to freedom. Not getting cover goes beyond lacking a premium, it a situation that makes every other issue/problem in your life much more prominent. Investment in healthcare is not a waste of money or luxury reserved for certain people.,Having health insurance did not seem like much of a big deal to me at a certain time, because com’on that is the smart thing to do, every enlightened person knew the importance and had a health insurance plan (in my mind, lol).,My bubble burst when reality set in, I had resigned from work a couple of months’ back and the good thing that the health plan purchased for me by my previous workplace was still valid. So here I was, out of work and dealing with life and boom! the doctor’s report got to me that I needed to get a major surgery done.,It was a mixture of several emotions and I knew for a fact that I had to deal with each emotion differently, but the one thing I was grateful I did not have to worry about was the money required for the surgery (my plan covered most of it).,This personal experience did not inspire this article, but rather it fuelled the urgency to speak my truth and spread the message of the health insurance gospel.,Our society is so diverse and complex; healthcare, including health insurance has never been a priority for the government and so many individuals, because of the difficulty of trying to survive day to day in an already difficult society.,Health insurance is a thrust in the achievement of Universal Health Coverage (UHC2030). A lot of people would argue that achievement of UHC2030 is mission impossible, I would say that your dream of obtaining a PhD in 5 years’ time, getting married next year or even owning a thriving farming business in 4 months’ time is also mission IMPOSSIBLE, if you don’t put in the WORK! I recommend believers in this school of thought change their lens and look at it like aiming for the stars and if we don’t achieve completely what we set out to achieve, then we fell to the clouds. We aimed for the stars, fell to the clouds but most importantly we never remained on the ground.,Fortune favors the bold but the future favors the insured, get your plan today before you have need of it.,#uhc2030,#healthinsurance,#sdgs2030,#undp,#sdg3,#unicef,#publichealth

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