How to use Gua Sha and find the stone best suited to you?

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  • Published August 24, 2021
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Facial Gua Sha may be a new ‘cosmetic’ treatment derived from Chinese traditional Gua Sha, which is practiced on the body and is a crucial technique. Gua Sha released tension in the face and neck, Gua Sha can tone skin and promote increased skin elasticity, improved appearance of fine lines and dark circles.

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese massage treatment that has been used for hundreds of years as a part of mindful skincare rituals to assist ease facial tension, stimulate the skin, reduce the looks of puffiness, and revitalize skins radiance. Gua sha is straightforward to perform and maybe done reception if you learn the right techniques and safety precautions. make certain to talk together with your healthcare provider before adding gua sha to your routine.

First drops a few oil or lotion into your hand and rub oil onto the skin.

Forehead: Pull the Gua Sha tool upwards from the eyebrows towards the forehead. Take the flat side of the Gua Sha and gently run it along the forehead towards the hairline. Give the Gua Sha a small wiggle to smooth wrinkles, lift the skin and release tension. Repeat it before moving to the next place.

The eyes: Drops a few oils into your hand and rub the oil onto your eye area. Sweep a Gua Sha tool over the inner corner of the eye and use gentle pressure outwards towards the hairline. Use the side of the ‘heart shape’ to massage the under-eye area. Repeat this sequence on each eye.

The cheekbone: Using the longest side of the Gua Sha to massage the cheekbones. place your supporting hand above the mouth. Take the flat side of the Gua Sha so that it covers the length of the cheekbones and drag the tool upwards of the ear using medium pressure. Then give a gentle wiggle back and forth before moving to the other side. and to the side of the nose.

The jawline: With the Gua Sha on its side, use the ‘top of the love heart’ to make sweeping motions across the jawline. Take the two-pronged side of the Gua Sha and start at the center of the chin and rub the jaw towards the end of the ear. Give the Gua Sha a small wiggle and repeat this sequence before moving to the opposite side.

The neck: Take the inwardly curved side of the Gua Sha and sweep up the side of the neck and rub upwards the jawline. Give a small wiggle and use short, sharp pressing motions, repeat along the rest of the neck.

How often should you use Gua Sha?

Facial Gua Sha should be practiced daily or at least three times a week to get the best result. Practice Gua Sha regularly will lift the face, creating a more sculpted and defined look. When it comes to the body, treatment can be as needed or once per season.

How To Find Best Gua Sha Suited to you?

Gua Sha Tool has different shapes and materials, each having its distinct use. Pick the tool that you feel most drawn to as there’s no one model that works best. They should all be carved with curves, rounded knobs, and points to fit within the curvatures of the face and press down on the meridian points.

Based On Materials: Rose Quartz, a crystal that is believed to promote unconditional love and peace. This heart-shaped Gua Sha Tool glides smoothly over the contours of your face, indicating natural beauty and inner calm. Rose quartz is claimed to be linked to the guts, making it an excellent choice for circulatory problems. If you suffer from skin sensitivity, you would possibly want to settle on a quartz facial tool to assist calm any irritation. This one has long prongs, which means amazing at contouring the cheekbones and jawline.

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