How do you start a hairdressing career?

Develop confidence in yourself,You won’t go far without her. Remember, even experienced masters sometimes make mistakes. Do not be upset if there are a lot of them in the initial stages. If there are scandals, take them as part of your professional activity and work on your mistakes. Everything will change with time.,Learn to accept and understand customer wishes,Most customers will ask you to cut or colour them as they please, not as your sense of style tells you. You will, of course, be able to recommend other ideas to change the opinion of the visitor, but the final decision will still remain with him.,In many cases, the explanations will be confusing. To understand what customers have in mind, show photos with different hairstyles during consultations. This way you will better understand what the client will like and what not.,Prepare yourself for the fact that you will inevitably encounter clients who are not satisfied with anything. Don’t take scandals seriously. There won’t be many cases like this.,Talk to your colleagues at the salon and online…,Feel free to ask questions to more experienced craftsmen. Not only colleagues, but also numerous forums and groups in social networks are at your disposal.,What to do at the start?,Start with the hairdressing salons of the economy class.,Do not be upset if at first you are denied employment by prestigious salons. Go boldly to the hairdressing salon economy class. The main thing you need to do at the start of your career is to “put your hands” and gain experience. Hairdressing salon with a constant flow of clients is ideal for this. But!,Consider working in such a salon as a continuation of training and only the first step of the career ladder.,Do not pay attention to colleagues, focused on speed and earnings.,Focus on sharpening your skills, clients and improving the quality of services provided.,Take photos of examples of the best work for your portfolio.,Attend additional courses and seminars at the same time.,Thoughts from “A, maybe stay here to work…”,How do you make your work fun and outperform your competitors?,Focus on your favorite services…,At the start of your career, identify the services that bring you sincere pleasure. By focusing on them, you will gain confidence in yourself more quickly.,Run away from the saloons with discordant teams…,Working in the “hornet’s nest” isn’t going to do any good.,Keep learning.,Fashion, technology and hairdressing are not standing still. To keep abreast of all trends and offer clients a full range of services, read professional magazines, attend master classes and acquire new skills. So you leave your competitors far behind.,Try to get into one of the best salons,After “putting your hands”, gain experience and expand your competence, send out your resume with examples of the best works to prestigious companies. If you stay in the economy class salon, ruin your talent.,How do you get regular customers and what do you communicate with them about?,Be not only a hairdresser, but also a psychologist…,Many clients (especially women) go to hairdressers and beauty salons not only for services, but also for communication. To attract, rather than intimidate, the client, use the following psychological subtleties.,When you first meet them, ask unobtrusive questions. So you determine whether the visitor wants to communicate or not.,Name your clients by name.,Avoid nicknames.,Try to look people in the eye.,Don’t interrupt.,Listen carefully, nod, keep the conversation alive and otherwise prove interest.,Pay attention! There are a number of topics that are not worth discussing. This:,religion;,politics;,salary.,If you are not sure that the thoughts expressed on these issues will not scare away the client, change the topic. It is also not worth discussing relationships within the salon.,Keep an eye on yourself.,Your hairstyle should look spectacular. It’s what the client will notice when they first meet her. Beautiful, well-groomed hair is proof of craftsmanship.,Close by, clients will see your hands. Do not forget to do a quality manicure.,If the client asks for your phone number, don’t say no.,It all depends on salon policy here. If it is forbidden to give personal numbers, use business cards. Happy customers will call and sign in to you.,If everything is allowed, please don’t hesitate to give your contact details. Firstly, it will strengthen the relationship, and secondly, it will allow you to take additional orders. For communication with clients start a separate SIM card.,Pay attention! When providing a number for communication, you must understand that you will be called and written. If clients will often hear the message “The subscriber cannot answer your call …”, you will lose them. Therefore, when sending your contact details, please, specify the time when you will be available and will be able to answer promptly.,Use social networks for promotion,To promote private services, start a group in “Vkontakte”. Invite customers to it, make interesting posts, conduct competitions repost with prize haircut, perms, styling and coloring, write on behalf of the group in the thematic public. You can also provide a phone number in the community to contact.,In addition to the group, create an account in Instagram. But remember, users are very demanding about visual material, so it’s better not to put photos of your works in bad quality. It will only scare away your potential customers!,4 main mistakes of beginner hairdressers, and how to avoid them?,Now let’s talk about the mistakes that beginner hairdressers make most often.,Lack of consultation and blind adherence to client requirements…,Rendering any service in the beauty-sphere requires preliminary training, which many novice masters often forget about. Remember: the more questions you ask a client, the better the result will be.,If a visitor to the salon asks for a haircut or styling, which frankly does not suit him, the work may end up with a scandal. In this case, your task is to calmly and argumentatively justify your opinion. If the client insists on his own, warn him about the possible consequences.,Too aggressive additional sales,While working in the salon, you will most likely face the fact that you will have to sell additional services and cosmetics to customers for bonuses and %. Do not do it too actively. Be careful and start with unobtrusive questions. In this case, additional offers are more likely to interest customers and will not scare them away.,Non-compliance with technology,More often than not, novice hairdressers break the technology of chemical curling and coloring.,The curling mixes are too thick.,The unsuitable oxidizing agents are diluted with water.,In these cases the colours are dull and the curls are not elastic enough. The result is customer dissatisfaction. So, if you don’t have the right product at hand, reschedule the session.,Not being able to stop in time,Many newcomers are fond of cutting precious millimeters to their clients. Be careful and leave small “stocks” (especially when working on bangs). After drying your hair will get extra volume, lift it up and get the right length.,The importance of continuous professional development,Professional and physiological knowledge is just as important as it is not strange. For example, vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies, chronic diseases, diet abuse, and skin dehydration can affect hair. Hair becomes dry, dehydrated and split at the ends. In this case, a dry hair mask, saturation of hair with keratin, will be a salvation for your client. But you should pay attention, as well as to the solution of internal problems, as the external effects will have only a temporary effect. And because of ignorance, the client can scold you for ineffective means. In order to give reasonable recommendations, you need to constantly update your professional knowledge and improve.,I am a Hairdresser – Stylist with 8 years of experience. My page is here. ,

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