Canadian Scientist Designed Electrically Heated Reusable Face Masks-Solution to the Pandemic

Sterviral™ has announced the launch of its patent-pending wearable device, ITHAS, an electrically heated reusable face mask, as a response to COVID-19. ITHAS was invented and developed by a Toronto-based scientist and entrepreneur William Tan. It uses a microchip to intelligently control and form a seamless thermal barrier around the nose and mouth area. The hot air can also be breathed in and out. The temperature reaches as high as 55°C – 90°C in the core of the mask, but you never feel uncomfortable on your skin. It is well known that high temperature and humidity can kill or deactivate almost any live bacteria and viruses. Therefore, Sterviral’s mission is to protect people from viruses and their future mutations.,Besides the heating, ITHAS has all the benefits of an existing face mask. ITHAS comprises 5+ different layers, ensuring maximum bi-directional protection against particles (as tiny as PM2.5), droplets, and pathogens. Thanks to heat-sealed air circulation, the ITHAS mask is much more breathable (more oxygen) and comfortable to wear (less vapor) for a longer time. The centrally-open design makes the filter change extremely easy and fast. A newly introduced face cover cloth can be washed and replaced every day. A lipstick-sized portable power bank provides electricity. The luxury kit provides two power banks, so you can use one while charging the other for easy switching and uninterrupted protection.,Though we believe the vaccine might eventually work in the long run, you should still mask up even after you have received it. The side effects of a GMO-ed vaccine may only become known after several generations. Besides, the virus is mutating faster than vaccine development. ITHAS is a physical solution that guarantees to work without any side effects. Sterviral ITHAS face masks are always made of high-quality 100% silk and heavyweight organic cotton.,“It may be the best, if not the only solution! “advises William Tan, “ITHAS face masks are reusable and substitute to disposable masks that may lead to environmental problems. ITHAS is reliable and durable, so after many uses, it is one of the cheapest solutions on the market.”,Sterviral is a subsidiary of TAACAM INC., owned by William Tan, who also founded,, Canadian Inventors Association,, Digizig Media, and,Please contact us at +1-416-800-3990; [email protected] ;;;;;

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