What to do when a tooth moves and it becomes loose?

One of the worst nightmares is losing a tooth, since after having lost baby teeth, adult teeth have to last us for a lifetime, something that is increasingly difficult and that actually costs a lot. That a tooth lasts a lifetime is one of the missions of a dentist, but it is quite difficult given the amount of work that our teeth have to endure on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are always treatments that will allow a tooth to stay as long as possible, such as endodontic treatments.,Even with daily brushing and regular dental checkups, an adult tooth can loosen and move. This can happen slowly or suddenly. When a tooth moves it is usually a sign of some dental problems and it is advisable to go to the dentist as soon as possible. If you don’t, the worst consequence is losing the tooth and maybe even some other teeth along with it in the worst case.,In this article we are going to talk about what can be done when a tooth is loose.,What Causes a Moving Tooth?,There are many different causes for when a tooth moves and the treatment needed will depend on the cause. If you suffered a fall or injury, the tooth may have dislodged from the root requiring dental surgery to put it back in place.,On the other hand, having a loose tooth without a sudden drop or hit can be a sign of a bigger problem like advanced gum disease. This is especially the case with loose teeth that simultaneously have a bad taste in the mouth, painful gums, or persistent bad breath.,How long does it take for a loose tooth to heal?,In any case, you should not wait for the tooth to stop moving and the main thing is to go to the dentist as soon as possible. If you have a tooth that moves, at Idiáquez Dental Polyclinics they can give you the best treatment and do a check-up on the causes that have caused the tooth to move.,Some of the treatments you may need are:,-Dental splint: wearing a dental splint for a few weeks will make the ligaments heal and the loose tooth will get stronger. This process can take a few weeks until the teeth is totally cured.,-Using a dental night splint: This mouth guard or splint is designed is for people who grind their teeth and therefore wear when sleeping. People who grind their teeth at night put great pressure on their teeth, gums, and the mouth in general. By wearing a night splint, you may notice improvements in a few weeks.,-Treat gum disease: If the cause of the loose tooth is due to gum disease, the most important thing is to seek treatment as soon as possible. This is a more serious condition that requires more intense treatment as deep cleaning will be needed to remove infected tissue and bacteria from the gums, mouth, and teeth.,Prevent tooth loss and loosening,One of the first steps in preventing tooth loss and loosening is to have good daily dental hygiene and try to brush twice a day in addition to flossing. Other than that, regular check-ups and cleanings can also prevent tooth loosening. If you regularly practice sports such as soccer or basketball, a good idea is to wear a protective splint.,It should also be borne in mind that people who have bone diseases such as osteoporosis and other diseases such as diabetes are also more susceptible to problems with tooth loss.

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