Some Fatal Heart diseases

Heart is the most valuable organ of the human system the day it stops beating life would come to an stand still therefore a healthy heart is the most important thing that a man wants, but our tight and fast running schedule and our unhealthy eating habits and the overstressed work load has brought umpteen heart problems that may be fatal, the amount of people suffering from different heart disease are increasing day by day.,Heart problems like coronary artery disease or CAD are one of the most common heart diseases especially in women. It is a disease of our blood vessels, the vessels that supply oxygen and other important nutrients to our heart muscles; it produces severe medical conditions, and most of the times could be fatal also, a patient suffering from these kinds of heart diseases may have to lose their life if they are not diagnosed properly.,Technological advancement has led to latest and hi tech development in the field of medical equipments that are used to detect heart problems(In French attaque cardiaque) accurately and than offer them the required treatments that are suitable for them and help them cure the disease.,Yet another form of disease is atherosclerosis, it is a chronic disorder that results in accumulation of plaque in the walls of the arteries, this plaque basically consists of huge deposits of cholesterol and few other lipids, calcium and it also builds up large inflammatory cells called macrophages. These plaque cause severe heart problems, they can cause initially partial and later on complete obstruction of blood flow in the artery being blocked by plaque. This plaque can also rupture and can cause a blood clot called as thrombosis. Thus plaque can also be harmful to walls of the arteries, they can weaken the walls of the artery and to cause the ballooning of the artery and this ballooning forms something which is called as aneurysm and if incase there is no proper diagnosis and the aneurysm ruptures it can severe internal bleeding and can be very injurious to your health and may result in death.,CT scans are the most common tests for any kind of heart disease(In French maladie cardio) but these days there are specialized tests and equipment also available at select medical multispecialty heart hospitals that specializes in diagnosing various problem and ailments related to the heart and give the best available treatment because it is their duty to save your life!

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