Now pill mill are no more:

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Some people can’t bear the pain or they are into a profession, where they have to bear a lot of pain. Like somebody in the teaching or any other computer profession can have headache because of too much work load. Some people can have problems when they have to do excessive of physical exercises and they take painkillers for sorting out the problems for the time being. It is not allowed to take painkillers without prescription in the state. That is why a medical practitioner has to recognize that, which the real needy person is? Now these days it has become a common phenomenon that doctors are not prescribing the medicines without any proper ground. First they go through the whole history then they check that the person is taking the painkillers just for his addiction sake or the person is a real needy person.,Pill mill drug abuse is too much common in the state. Pill mill are those doctors or the medical practitioners who prescribe strong narcotics to the patient for getting relief. For the time being the patient gets relief from the pain but soon he becomes addict of the pills or the narcotics. On the other hand because of this problem, loads of people find it too difficult to get a prescription for Pain beaters like as prescription. Pain beaters if taken for long time then usually they make the persons more prone to the addiction and they feel pain in their body now and then. Their body becomes so weak that they can’t even bear a slight pang of pain. Then they go to the doctor again and again for getting prescription of these narcotics medicines. Other narcotics when are not available to the addicts then these narcotics become more popular as drugs of abuse. This is now a current observation that doctors are becoming more acutely cautious about prescribing them; this is the biggest thing that doctors are now being more aware of their duties and behaving like supportive citizens. Still lots of people are finding that now getting the prescription of painkillers is a great difficult deal. They are really undergoing through acute pains and they genuinely need them. So a skilled doctor should differentiate between the genuine user and the addict person. This is the better way to show how smart and intelligent they are in recognizing the things. It also tells that what kind of responsibility they feel towards their country.

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