Beauty & Makeup Ideas for Brides

  • Author Marry Hall
  • Published June 1, 2021
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Beyond the wedding dress and hairstyle – which play a leading role in the bridal look – the truth is that makeup, no matter how natural, helps to complement your entire style. Get yourself styled with best makeup artist in Dubai. The new trends come with novelties in lips, eyes, and skincare. Find out which ones we are talking about in this note!

  1. Deep lines

One of the styles that you have seen the most in women in recent months was the one outlined with a “tail” called cat eyes, which give your gaze a more almond-shaped orientation. With an eyeliner pencil of various colors, preferably black, this eyeliner goes over the upper eyelid and extends outside the limits of the eye to the extent that is preferred. It is a very modern style, but it easily combines with all types of wedding dresses and with the wide variety of hairstyles that exist. To complement, eyelashes are worn with a lot of volumes, including placing false eyelashes.

  1. Smudged in eyes

In addition to the eyeliner, it is necessary to use some eye shadow to generate much more depth in your eyes. The blending technique is the favorite of the season to acquire this effect. It can be done with dark shadows, ideal for the night, or with shades in earth tones or pastels for use during the day. The shadows, in turn, must be placed in an ascending way, accompanying the outlined and trying to make the eyebrows as straight as possible. Your eyes will make everyone fall in love!

  1. Luminous and vibrant skin

The natural and illuminated style is another of the trends in makeup for brides. The idea is that the skin is seen with a certain brightness, for which a type of makeup called “glowy” is used, which brightens and illuminates, very subtly, certain features of your face, such as your cheekbones or your nose. The glow tone that you apply to your skin will depend on the time of your wedding day: for the day, we recommend whiter tones, while for the night, you can apply golden tones with glitter to make it even more glamorous.

  1. “Bare” lips

Since the makeup trends for brides give great relevance to the eyes within the whole set, for the lips, we will bet on nude tones so that they can be seen as naturally as possible. The matte lipsticks, in the great diversity of nude tones that are available on the market, are preferred for two reasons: they are very durable (something essential for a wedding) and increase the thickness of your lips without delineating out.

  1. Well marked eyebrows

Another of the key elements to be a very stylish bride is having very bushy eyebrows, although neat. If you naturally have little hair on your eyebrows, you can choose to highlight them with a pencil or with shadows, always making sure that they look as little makeup as possible. There are also specific treatments to repopulate eyebrows, such as hair by hair treatment. Ideally, the eyebrows should extend the length of your eyes, which will make them look even more beautiful and with more prominence.

  1. Minimalist style

Finally, if you are not a fan of pompous makeup, we tell you that a natural style has also emerged as one of the trends for brides this year and next. It’s about just applying a base with the tone closest to your skin and focusing only on one of the points on your face: light-colored shadows, lips of neutral color, or simply applying a little mascara.

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