How to Keep Your Head Cool When Wearing Wigs in the Hot Summer Months

  • Author Sharon R.
  • Published June 12, 2021
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During the hot summer months, keeping your head cool while wearing a wig could be a challenge if you do not know the right way to do it. The way you prep your real hair to install a wig in the hot months all depends on your hair type. Your hair’s thickness will determine the best way(s) to prep your hair before installing your favorite wig. To summarize, the longer and thicker your hair is, the more prepping you may need to do. This ensures that there will be no unnatural and unsightly looking bumps and humps which alter the shape of your head when you place the wig while keeping your head at its coolest.

For short thin hair, the process is its easiest. If you are wearing a non-lace wig, try wearing those which have ventilation, preferably the capless type. This will give your scalp the most ventilation possible. There are different types of wig caps you can wear under a wig. Some people prefer stocking caps, but these are not ideal for the hot months as they will make your head very hot and if you sweat in your scalp, stocking caps will make sweating occurrences worse. To keep your head its coolest, wear a wig cap that is mesh based. One with lots of holes which will allow for a high level of ventilation.

If the wig is lace front or human hair, you may not have a capless option. This takes away some of the ventilation because you have solid fabric on your head on some, most or all areas of the wig, depending on the wig type. In this case, just use the mesh cap and this should keep your head as cool as possible. Also, when it’s hotter, try wearing shorter styles or if the hair is long, wear in updo styles which have parting in some areas of the style to allow for some ventilation of the cap.

If you have very long or thick hair, you should braid the hair flat in cornrows before applying the wig cap. In the cooler months, you may get away with just putting your real hair in a ponytail before you put on the wig cap, but in the summer, this will add head to your scalp as it reduces ventilation. You would want to braid the hair in flat small cornrow braids or small single braids connected together if you cannot braid cornrows. This will ensure that your real hair sits flat underneath the wig, allowing for as natural a look as possible, while providing the maximum ventilation to the scalp. After braiding, apply the mesh cap, then apply the wig.

These tips will keep your head the coolest in the hot months. If you are wearing a lace wig, make sure you position the wig’s hairline just in front of your real hairline and secure. This ensures that none of your real hair shows through the lace of the wig.

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