Beauty Secrets From The Bible For Today’s Modern Woman

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Many skincare regimens today are nothing more than short time fads because they are primarily based on unfounded scientific claims that simply don’t work. However, there are many hidden beauty treatments that can be traced all the way back to Biblical times.,Women in biblical days went through lengthy beauty preparations, however, not all women, only the women admitted into the king’s harem had the luxury of a twelve-month beauty program. Hegai, the king’s eunuch in charge of the harem, required all the candidates to undergo a twelve-month regimen, no one could choose to opt out of the treatment.,”Before a young woman’s turn came to go in to King Xerxes, she had to complete twelve months of beauty treatments prescribed for the women, six months with oil of myrrh and six with perfumes and cosmetics” Esther 2:12.,The twelve-month process was considered a cleansing, hygienic exfoliation, followed by a refinement with perfumes and fragrances. The women had daily massages with olive oil, cassis oil, myrrh oil and honey to moisturize, heal, disinfect and promote uplifting emotions. Many of the oils and aromatics listed in scripture are incorporated into lotions and creams today.,The Persian Empire encompassed extensive deserts. The climate was hot, and dry. Droughts and a shortages of rainfall were problematic. Weather was humid, and some plains suffered blistering heat. Southern winds blew off the Persian Gulf and gave rise to sandstorms, and dry winds.,One of Hegai’s intentions was to improve the effects of heat, wind and vaporization. He placed skin care first by prescribing six months of oils for troublesome conditions such as cracking, wrinkling, sunburn, healing wounds, wind damage, and skin diseases. Many of the oils in Esther’s time had disinfectant and anti-fungal agents. Since every young woman had to undergo a thorough oil exfoliation, skin disorders were addressed and treated. This way, the king was protected from the contamination of skin diseases and infections that could have been brought into the harem.,All ancients washed their face, hands and feet regularly. They scrubbed with gritty substances to exfoliate the skin’s outer layers to impart a natural glow.,Egyptian royalty used loofahs and pumice stones to remove roughness, and Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt, bathed in goats milk. The lactic acid in milks proteins, is today’s alpha hydroxy acid used as a chemical exfoliant. She also bathed in pearl powder, the natural oceanic’s beauty approbation.,Women of the Bible were phenomenally beautiful, such as Queen Esther, Rachel, Rebekah, and Sarah (who reportedly turned heads at the age of 100!) Queen Esther spent one entire year doing nothing but indulging in beauty treatments. She was chosen out of many women to be the new queen of the beauty pageant.,They all shared similar practices and, they lived lengthy lives, yet maintained their flawless skin. if you will incorporate these beauty secrets into your daily skincare routine, you will reap the same benefits as the beauties from the Bible.,Live an active lifestyle.,Women in biblical times worked hard every day. Women were responsible for transforming raw materials into food and clothing. Every day it took women two or more hours just to grind grain to make flour alone. Many women worked in commercial trade, in agriculture, as millers, artisans, midwives, perfumers and cooks, in textiles, as midwives and nurses. Priscilla was a tentmaker, one Bible woman, Sheerah, even built towns.,They were strong and physically fit because of it, which contributed to lean muscle tone that helped prevent skin sagging and wrinkles.,Today, it is neccessary to exercise at least 20 minuets a day, and be active throughout the remainder of the day, by taking stairs instead of the elevator, walking the dog often, riding a bike instead of driving to the store. This will help produce the necessary muscle tone you need to prevent signs of aging.,Use purified water to wash.,Women of Biblical times understood cleanliness to be both an outward expression of their faith as well as a good beauty practice. The Bible talks at length about washing, using naturally running water from springs or rivers. Only pure water touched their skin, not contaminated tap water as we have today. A good solution is to install a high-quality water filtration system that will purify the water throughout your home.,Eliminate emulsifiers.,It is said that soap is an excellent cleanser because it acts as an emulsifying agent. The problem is, it dryes out the skin. Biblical beauties did not use soap on their face because it was too harsh. Today, even mild soaps can damage our skin, because emulsifiers linger on the skin and disrupt skin’s natural pH, leading to a host of skin problems such as acne, rosacea, and premature aging. Emulsifying wax, polysorbate, stearate, steareth, cetearyl, and ceteareth are emulsifiers.,Choose oils.,Biblical men and women both used oil on the face and hair. Their choice of oil was olive oil, and often it was infused with plants, herbs, or flowers, which we call essential oils today. The Bible contains over 200 references of oils, incense, ointments, and other aromatics. A few plants that are used as essential oils today are: Aloe, cucumber (Cucumis sativus), frankincense, myrrh, jojoba, rose of sharon (Cistus), coconut oil, rosemary… Research reveals the benefits of essential oils as antimicrobial and an antioxidant, among other benefits.,Eat a well balanced diet.,Women of the Bible ate whole foods, fruits, nuts, oils, vegetables, and meats. They did not opt for fast foods or processed foods, which are linked to a high risk of obesity, depression, digestive issues, sleep disorders, heart disease and stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and early death.,Honey was used instead of sugar. Soft drinks, white flour, artificial sweeteners, or hydrogenated trans fats, all of which can damage your health and skin, were not heard of. Eating a wholesome, well balanced diet that was naturally high in antioxidants protected skin from the effects of aging and allowed the women of the Bible to eat freely without worrying about calorie counts or fats.,Women in biblical days took good care of themselves, and their skin. They didn’t need plastic surgery, or botox injections, they live well, ate right, had long life, and reaped the rewards.,If you use these hidden treasures of ancient Scripture – work, exercise, use purified water, eliminate soap, opt for high active cosmetics with good quality essential oils, and eat a well balanced diet, you too will be strong, healthy, live a long life, and tackling those lines, wrinkles, crêpiness, and sagging skin.,Sarah Anderson is the owner of Age Defying Secrets and where I have revealed a treasury of anti aging strategies, tips and techniques to help others restore and maintain the health and beauty of their youth. Now you can discover the little-known secrets yourself.,

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