Does everyone equal equality in cancer? No, colorectal cancer may prefer this kind of person.

Once the colorectal cancer is detected, many people’s first reaction is: Why is me? So many people, why is it a cancer? Also, so many people, why is colorectal cancer to find you? In fact, cancer is likely to have the “taste” you like, if you are, it is very embarrassed, the probability of colorectal cancer is looking for you. The risk of suffering from colorectal cancer depends on your own cancer you like, colorectal cancer is no exception. A study published on BMC Medicine shows that obesity men will increase the risk of colorectal cancer. [1] The researchers have studied the genes of more than 100,000 people, and found that the influence of the body fat content on the risk of colorectal cancer. Specific depends on the ratio of fat in vivo, if the weight increases by 20 pounds, the chance of male colorectal cancer will increase by 23%, and women increase by 9%. So means you obese, the risk of cancer is higher. If you lose weight, you can improve prognosis and may reduce the risk of cancer. Reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, what kind of trick? Healthy diet and lifestyle should maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle is already a often talking about it. The two are the magic weapons against many diseases. Obesity will reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by maintaining healthy weight, more fiber, less red meat, less red meat, less alcohol and non-smoking. Colorectal cancer screening colorectal cancer can be found in the earliest and most cure stage. It is recommended that adults aged 45 and above should screen for colorectal cancer. Through colorectal cancer screening, it is usually discovered before the abnormality of cancer is abnormal. Some people with certain colorectal cancer risk factors (such as family genetic tendencies, ulcerative colitis, etc.) may need to screen four or more frequently or more frequently. Maintaining health is very important, don’t be a class of people who are eye-catching by colorectal cancer.

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