When Are They Going to Find a Cure For Cancer?

We are all waiting for the day when our researchers announce they have finally found the long awaited cure for cancer. We can then breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we no longer need to fear a diagnosis of cancer ever again. This is the hope and dreams of millions of people worldwide and for a very good reason as the cancer rate now is reaching epidemic proportions in many parts of the world.,A friend of mine named Karen put a comment on facebook the other day saying when are they going to find a cure for cancer as my close neighbour has just been diagnosed with it. She said I wish it was very soon so it will help my dear friend and neighbour.,Knowing a little more than Karen about the subject and what’s going on in the cancer industry I felt compelled to reply but in a personal email to her. This is what I said, I’m sorry to hear about your neighbour but there are two answers to your question. Firstly if you are waiting for a drug to be developed to cure cancer then the answer is never but if you are prepared to step outside of our current ways of treating cancer then the answer is, we already have a cure. Let me explain.,The reason why researchers haven’t succeeded in finding a cure despite looking for more than 40 years is that cancer is a disease caused by both toxins and deficiencies and it’s impossible to cure that with a drug. You can only cure deficiencies within the body by correcting them.,One example is scurvy which is also a deficiency disease and the only way to cure that is by eating something that contains the missing vitamin which is vitamin C. Pellagra and Pernicious Anaemia are two other deficiency diseases which were common many years ago and these can never be solved with a drug.,Also there is too much at stake in stopping the status quo with our treatments today because they are making too much money at present from the way they are treating cancer with surgery, radiation and especially chemotherapy. The cold hard facts are that cancer and other degenerative diseases are big business. Do you really think that pharmaceutical companies want someone to find an inexpensive natural, non toxic treatment to cure cancer?,Back in 1971 when Richard Nixon was in power in America, he declared war on cancer and allocated millions of dollars for cancer research. What they are searching for is a drug they can patent that will work more effectively than current treatments of radiation and chemotherapy in which they can profit from. Some of the latest cancer drugs are Avastin for colon cancer, Herceptin for breast cancer and Gleevec for chronic myeloid leukaemia. These drugs aren’t cures but only there to prolong life and they all cost approximately 4000 dollars a month.,Remember the pharmaceutical industries are one of the largest and most profitable businesses in this world and if people took prevention measures to stay healthy, this would impinge on their profits. Drug companies don’t profit from cures, they need us coming back over and over again,,Dr Linus Pauling who in his lifetime won 2 Nobel prizes stated that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organizations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them. The people who support them are of course the tax payers and those who donate money for cancer research,I know it’s a brave choice to step outside of our current way of treating cancer but there has always been a way to cure the disease and that is to correct the reasons why it first grew which deals with the deficiency. It’s only then that the body will self heal and remove the cancer naturally. Everybody has a self-healing mechanism called the immune system so all you have to do is to use it.,I am hoping that one day in the not too distance future, this way of treating cancer will be incorporated into our mainstream treatments and one would hope that, the power of the internet with the knowledge that’s now available to help people, might do that.,Our cancer industry nowadays is controlled by power and greed and nothing except money is to be gained by pretending that the battle against cancer is slowly but surely being won.

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