Self esteem and Weight loss

The weight-loss industry is a huge one worth billions of dollars annually but there is more to your well-being than what you eat. Your own self-esteem can be more of a factor than you may think. If you can work on this then dieting and weight-loss will become easier.,Did you know your own self esteem may be a contributing factor to some of your problems?,Let’s look at weight loss for example.,We all know that the weight loss industry is a multi billion dollar per annum business and who do the advertisers target?,Women!,In order to encourage women to join their weight loss plan they highlight their insecurities in their advertising copy.,”What insecurities are these,” you may be asking.,You may have heard of the term “fat shaming.”,Women are shamed into feeling guilty even if they are just a few kilos heavier than last year.,Is it any wonder that so many of them suffer from insecurities.,My advice to women is this:,1 Stop comparing yourself with others,It is silly to try and be somebody you are not. Instead of trying to be someone other than yourself you must ask the question, “What makes me tick,?” and set your goals accordingly.,2 Do it for you and not for others.,If you are taking on a new diet do it for yourself and not for others. Don’t be a people pleaser and try to impress others for the sake of it.,3 Your value is not measured by your dress size.,What makes you unique is what values you. It is what you do with what talents you have been gifted that gives you value. It is important to use your talents for the benefit of others. That is real value!,4 Ditch the “If only,” mind set.,Many women and men for that matter think, “If I lost xx amount of weight, got, a new car, a better house, had a new husband/wife, or whatever then I will be happy.”,Life does not work that way. Joy comes from within and has nothing to do with outward appearances or the opinion of others. Many people after they have acquired what they thought would make them happy are still not content with their life. The novelty soon wears off then they have their eye on something else.,5 Work on your self-esteem.,It is important to work on your self-esteem otherwise people are going to push you around.,The key is to be assertive and not allow unkind comments to affect. Assertiveness is not just sticking up for yourself. It is recognising the television advertising for what they are; to make you want to buy their products.,I am not saying you should not go on one of these diets but to do it for the right reasons.,The bottom line is that a low self-esteem will undermine your dieting plan.,How?,Have you heard of the expression “Comfort eating?”,Enough said.

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