Bullying affects the receiver and there loved ones and people who witness bullying greatly. As it is upsetting for all involved.,Bully is known as a form of psychological violence. It is also a form of emotional abuse. Bullying is also personal and verbal harassment too.,Some bullies rely on a audience, or with people laughing and joining in. Or can be the opposite and make a dig at you when no one else is around. Verbal bullying can be about weight, appearance, racist, sexual or homophobic bullying. Bullying can be based on a prejudice or basis.,Have you heard sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. But words are very powerful. Because words can wound people very much.,Bullies can find ways to up intimate you or belittle you. There ego can play a part in this. Of wanting to intimidate you.,There are varies ways a bully can act like name calling, teasing, taunting and threatening to cause harm.,Bullies can have a desire to hurt you. So verbal bullying is a way to be hurtful towards you.,Bullying can happen at school or work or in your local area. It isn’t the way to treat a person and everyone should be treated with kindness and respect. Because it doesn’t help you take care of yourself being bullied, it can actually have the opposite affect.,Verbal bullying can also be slander and gossip. Which can often make the suffer an outcast.,Children can name call when angry, upset and hurt. And it is usually younger children. This is not bullying. It is more malice a desire to hurt the victim. The ego can be involved a need to get attention as getting people on their side. And the ego involved wanting to belittle and intimidate you. Bullying can be spiteful or sadist desires to want to hurt people. Which is not the same as a young child being hurt, upset or angry.,In my service www.tohelpyou.net I can help the person being bullied, to deal with their distress and pain. I cannot work miracles, but i can help with the suffering, pain and distress. It isn’t the same as mental illness at all. But people with mental illness suffer pain and distress too.

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