Why Sunken Trampolines Are So Popular Today

  • Author Gary Rogers
  • Published October 13, 2020
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Instead of investing in a standard trampoline that is above the ground, you may want to invest in one that is at the ground level. These are sometimes referred to as a sunken trampoline. You will have to excavate a specific amount of room for the trampoline to descend below the ground as people are jumping up and down on it. There are many reasons why parents in particular will appreciate this type of trampoline over any of the others that are currently sold. Even though those standard trampolines can be completely safe, there are safety reasons related to this emphasis on why sunken trampolines are so popular today.

They Can Help Protect Kids From Falling

If your kids have fallen out of the trampoline before, it was likely because you did not have a protective barrier around it. This is a common practice with most trampolines today. However, there are still those that are sold without them, and if your kids fly off, they could end up breaking an arm or leg. Therefore, to alleviate the potential for this problem, a sunken trampoline is the best choice. If they fly off of the trampoline, the furthest they could fall is on to the grass at literally the ground level.

They Do Not Obscure The Surrounding Landscape

If you have ever had a trampoline before, especially those that have the protective barrier, they are extremely easy to see. They will literally block anything behind them, and if you have spent a lot of money on landscaping your backyard, you really don’t want everyone looking at only the trampoline. Therefore, you could pick a specific area, preferably to the left or right, so that the sunken trampoline has its own designated place. Of course, you should make sure that it is surrounded by soft material, such as grass, so that your kids will not fall and hurt themselves on rocks, trees, or even the concrete.

They Are Easier To Maintain

One final reason for investing in sunken trampolines is that they are easier to maintain. For example, there is a supporting structure for trampolines that has many nuts and bolts. Over time, through thousands of jumps that will occur, they can become loose. Some of them may even begin to break down. However, those that are in the ground are going to be supported by the ground, and therefore the usual wear and tear that accompanies trampoline use will not be as effective with the ground level trampolines.

Although investing in these trampolines may be slightly more expensive than standard ones, it is going to be a worthwhile investment. Part of that investment will be the excavation of the soil where you are going to place it. However, once it is in the ground, your kids are going to have a good time, and they won’t have to worry about falling. These are a great way to also preserve the surrounding landscape of your backyard as you will not be looking at the obtrusive metallic structure that typically accompanies every modern trampoline made today.

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