Work With Only the Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss

  • Author Anthony T. Craft
  • Published July 20, 2021
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Physical activity is the start of the best diet plan for weight loss Physical activity includes any movement that gets your body working, such as walking, biking, chair exercises, swimming, and so much more. There are three main types of activity: lifestyle activity, work activity, and programmed activity. To keep up motivation, find a combination of these activities that interest you.

There are many benefits of physical activity. For example, physical activity makes the heart stronger, improves HDL (the good) cholesterol, increases muscle mass (which makes you stronger), and boosts your metabolism. Being active will help you feel, sleep and look better. Physical activity also protects the brain from some of the effects of aging.

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans state that you can protect your health by being physically active for just 150 minutes (2 and a half hours) per week at a moderate intensity. For weight loss, you should be active up to 300 minutes per week at a moderate intensity and do strength activities at least 2 days per week. Remember, this is a part of the best diet plan for weight loss.

Life can be busy; do you make time for physical activity?

__ Yes

__ No

If your answer was Yes, then good for you! Not making time for physical activity is a common problem, but where there is a will, there is a way.

How many times a week are you physically active for 10 minutes or more?

__ 0-2 times per week

__ 3-4 times per week

__ 5 or more times per week

Good work! There are many health benefits of regular physical activity. Slowly increase up to 30 to 60 minutes of moderate-intensity activity every day. If you are not physically active for 10 minutes or more, then get busy!

Do you use a paper log, wearable fitness tracker, or smartphone app to track your physical activity?

__ Yes

__ No

Daily food and physical activity diary let you check how much physical activity you have had each day. Keeping track is the most important thing you can do to stay motivated and monitor your physical activity.

How often do you use a food and activity diary, tracker, or app?

__ Daily

__ 3-4 times per week

__ 1-2 times per week

__ Never

It is not too late to start tracking your activity. Start recording your activity in a written diary or an app to enhance your personal accountability.

Always achieve the best diet plan for weight loss, you are on your way!


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