Everything You Need To Know About Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Total Knee Replacement Surgery is also known as knee arthroplasty. It is helpful in relieving pain and restoring function in severely diseased knee joints. A surgeon takes out cartilage and injured bone from your kneecap, thighbone, and shinbone then replaces it with an artificial joint made of metal alloys, polymers, and high-grade plastics during knee replacement surgery. This process is minimally invasive, with minimal blood loss and patients usually experience very less pain without using much of painkillers, which leads to quicker recovery.,Total knee replacements are one of the most victorious treatments in all of the medicine. Knee replacement surgery was first performed in 1968. Since then, developments in surgical materials and methods have greatly increased its effectiveness. Adults of any age can be considered for a total knee replacement surgery, although most are carried out on people between the ages of 60 and 80. More people are now receiving this operation at a younger age.,Knee replacement surgery has become a popular and safe option over the last decade for patients who have end-stage arthritis of the knee. When pain has aggravated to such an extent that all other treatment modalities fail, knee replacement can help you lead a pain-free and active life. Though, sometimes the expense of a knee replacement procedure may prevent patients from surgery.,How much does knee replacement surgery cost in India?,India is the most preferred medical tourism destination as it provides low-cost total Knee replacement surgery option for domestic and international patients. A number of patients come to India every year to get treatment from the best total knee replacement surgeon in Jaipur. The cost of knee replacement surgery in India is almost one fourth of the cost that in the United States, United Kingdom, and other developed countries. The expense for knee replacement surgery is $ 8500 in India, while the cost for the same is $ 40000 in the USA and $13000 in the UK.,What are the major risks after Knee Replacement Surgery?,As with all major surgical procedures, complications can occur. Some of the most common risks after the total knee replacement surgery are:,Infection,Stiffness,Osteolysis,Loosening,What are the benefits of Knee Replacement Surgery?,After knee replacement surgery patient is relieved of the pain he/she associated with the knee. Some of the benefits of Knee replacement surgery are:,Pain relief: Since the original, arthritis-laden joint surfaces have been detached and replaced with metallic and plastic materials, the original joint pain, caused by the exposed bone, no longer exists. This gives the patient a considerable reduction or even elimination of pain.,Improved Mobility: Total knee replacement can largely restore range of motion.,Improved Quality of Life: A successful joint replacement can return the patient to leading a normal life.,We, Dr Mujahid Saleem have more than 25 years of experience abroad in the field of Joint surgery. If you are looking for Total Knee Replacement Surgeon in Jaipur and Hip Replacement Surgeon in Jaipur Contact us.,

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