4 Quick and Easy Back to School Hairstyles You Need to Learn

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Alas, the summer holidays may have only just started but that’s no reason to avoid planning your new hairstyle for when you return. Everyone wants to go back with a bang!,Of course, it’s easy to forget about your lack of time in the morning or to make false promises to yourself about waking up earlier. Plan hairstyles that can be performed in a rush and without any heated equipment. Here are our 4 favourite hair styles for the effortless yet trendy look.,Originating from North Africa, the classic French braid was commonly worn by warriors. This elegant look is the perfect style to pull the hair back from your face and enable you to get on with your day. To achieve this look, you need to:,• Start with separating the hair at the top of your head into three sections.,• Cross the left section of hair over top of the middle section so that the left section of your hair now sits in the middle.,• Then, take the right section of hair and cross this over top of the piece of hair that sits in the middle. Now, this right section of hair should sit in the middle. Repeat again from the left-hand side.,• Continue with this technique until you have an inch of hair left unbraided.,• Tie in place with a hairband. Preferably, use an elastic band so the tie can’t be seen.,• Lastly, pull out some tendrils of hair to frame your face and create the ultimate effortless look.,To begin with, the traditional bun derived from Asia. Nowadays, there are various buns that you can create, the most popular being a messy bun. Once you’ve perfected the art that is a messy bun, it’ll be your go to.,• Firstly, scoop all your hair up into a standard, not-so-perfect ponytail.,• Twist the length of hair in your ponytail until it resembles a twisted pretzel.,• Wrap the twisted hair around your finger into a bun shape.,• Secure this in place with a hairband.,• Use bobby pins to fix the bun into position and any flyaway pieces of hair.,• Pull a few tendrils of hair out to frame your face and achieve the desired messy look.,A modern look that has been adopted by nearly every woman up and down the country. This look is perfect for second-day hair and is uber easy to do.,• To begin, separate the top half of your hair from the bottom half, then divide this top half into two sections.,• With these two sections, separate the hair into three pieces.,• Braid each of these two sections with the three pieces of hair (pick whichever style of braid you would like) until they meet in the middle.,• With the remaining hair that hasn’t been braided in these sections, wrap into a bun and secure with a hair bobble.,• Pin anything that doesn’t sit right with bobby pins.,Of course, a ponytail is always a safe go-to for school. Keeps everything out of the way, follows the school uniform policy, and absolutely anyone can create one. This is our ponytail with a twist.,• Create the ponytail you want. Whether that’s a high pony, low pony, side pony, or a half-up half-down ponytail.,• Separate 1-inch of hair from the ponytail and secure the rest with a hairband.,• Wrap this piece of hair around the base of the ponytail, over top of the hairband.,• Finally, tuck the end of the piece of hair into the hairband to hold it in place.,With these 4 easy and effortless looks, you’ll be receiving serious hair envy at school, without the stress and hassle in the morning.,This article was written by award-winning hairdressers in Norwich, Garner Hair: https://www.garnernorwich.co.uk/,

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