What Diet and Supplements You Need To Put On Weight

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Do you want to gain weight? Wait, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean increasing fat in your body, I mean increasing muscle mass. What if you already overweight do you want to burn off fat and build muscle at the same time? Well, this is not an easy thing but also not impossible. Actually you can burn fat by building muscle mass.,In the past some bodybuilders were following a long difficult method to gain weight. Simply they eat a lot to put on weight but the increase was in fat, here comes the next step where they exercise well to build muscle mass and in the same time lose the fat they have gained. Yes it worked for them but there more simple and easy method to get even better results depending mainly on the same concept, and this is because of the scientific advances and the ability to calculate what the body needs simply.,When Lou Ferrigno was asked about his bodybuilding secret he said “Plenty of milk and food” Actually this is very important as you need to eat a lot to put on weight, but the food you eat will determine whether you will gain fat or muscle mass. If you think that you are going to gain weight without increasing calories intake you will fail and even harm yourself if you worked out hard without eating the right foods.,Using drugs like growth hormone, steroids, insulin and others can help you to gain muscle, but even if you decided to take these drugs you still need to increase your calories intake and do enough workouts. This is very important don’t just depend on drugs thinking that there is a magic pill that can give you a quick fix. Why is that important? Because you don’t need to just look bulky and your muscles are so week or this change in your weight is because of gaining too much fat with too little muscle.,Also don’t forget to drink a lot of water. About 2 Liters of water every day should be enough and if you are going to do weight lifting so drink water before, during and after exercising. Water not only makes your muscles look better but also remove the waste material and toxins from your body and help in metabolism.,Last but not least is to keep motivated all the time and don’t lose energy. And remember the moment when you tell yourself that you are a failure you will fail. Write down why you want to put on weight, once you feel losing energy grab the paper and remind yourself with your goal. If thousands if not millions of people were able to do it before you so why not you can succeed.

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