Know Your Curls – What Should I Be Using?

Hey, There Curly Girls!,So you’ve decided it’s time to forgo the flat iron and embrace your curls? Welcome to the Curly Girl community!,This community is beautiful, broad, and expansive! It embraces a wide range of curls, textures, and waves, which is half the fun and all the challenge. As a hairdresser, I know that finding the place to start when figuring out which products and methods work for your curls can be overwhelming…,Stop stressing, I’ve done the work for you!,The Curly Girl range by Pump Haircare follows the Curly Girl Method introduced by Lorraine Massey in the early 2000’s. This method embraces and enhances natural curls, by boycotting sulphates and silicones, limiting shampoo and heat, and lathering on the moisture. While some rules apply to all curly girls, there is still so much variety when it comes to damage control, and styling preferences!,So let’s talk hair type.,For many of us, the first step we take is determining what our “hair type” is. We turn to charts that display curl patterns and coil sizes.,Am I a 2b? 3c? 4a?,Maybe you’re all of the above!,While curl patterns can help determine things like cut and shape, when it comes to product selection and application method, there is a far more important thing to consider. One word: POROSITY.,Determining hair care methods by hair porosity is the KEY to soft, strong, silky curls, and is far better indicator than curl pattern! Your porosity refers to how open or closed the cuticles on your hair strands are, which measures how well your hair absorbs and retains moisture, and can range from low to high. If you have no clue what I’m talking about and aren’t sure what your hair porosity might be, I’ve got you!,Determine your hair porosity by this 5-minute test!,RESULTS:,If your hair floats on the top of the water, you have low porosity hair that struggles to absorb moisture.,If your hair sinks slowly or sits mid-glass, you have medium porosity hair, which means your hair easily absorbs and retains moisture, (in other words you’re a lucky b*tch!),And if it sinks to the bottom, you have high porosity hair that quickly absorbs moisture, but loses it just as fast.,Once you have determined your hair porosity, the rest is simple! I have created products containing organic ingredients that are great for all hair types, but here is the application and method that will maximise those ingredients for YOU.,Low Porosity Girls:,To our low porosity girls, we got you. Your hair has a hard time absorbing moisture, but retains it like a pro! If you under moisturise your hair will be brittle, and if you over-moisturise, hello build up!,Here is what I recommend for you!,Medium Porosity Girls:,You’re in luck. Medium Porosity hair has no problems in the moisture department, so any of our products work for you! Your only concern should be maintenance! Keep up your precious medium porosity strands by conditioning, moisturising, and following the Curly Girl Method. Avoid excessive heat styling, uncertified curly girl friendly products and live your best life!,High Porosity Girls:,So your hair absorbs moisture like crazy, but loses it halfway through the day?,Or maybe you experience dryness, frizziness, or (God forbid) brittle hair, in high temperatures and humid climates! High porosity hair has very open cuticles, allowing moisture to enter and exit all too well. Your hair doesn’t struggle with getting the moisture in, but keeping the moisture locked!,Here are my recommendations for you!,Pump Haircare is a vegan, cruelty free, Australian beauty brand. Created and founded by Natasha Jay!,,,

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