Dental Crowns and Bridges in Singapore

How Much Do Dental Crowns Cost in Singapore?,The prices for dental crowns can vary greatly. A dental crown can cost anywhere between $600 – $2000 in Singapore on average.,Crowns made of high-purity yellow gold can be very expensive.,Crowns made of cheaper base-type metal may be much cheaper but may have their own drawbacks and disadvantages.,Factors Determining Dental Crown Prices:,How is a Dental Crown Made?,Step 1: After assessing that your tooth would benefit from a dental crown, the dentist normally checks for signs of infection. If required, you may be advised to consider root canal treatment to remove any internal infection as necessary.,Step 2: If needed, the center parts of the tooth are built up with suitable materials to form a core. This will form the central support for the crown on the tooth.,Step 3. A small impression may be made of the tooth beforehand. The tooth is trimmed down (under anaesthesia if necessary to avoid discomfort) to a suitable size to accommodate a dental crown.,Step 4: A dental impression or dental scan is taken of the trimmed tooth. Your dentist may record the way your teeth bite together with some impression material which hardens in the mouth. These will be used to make your dental crown.,In some cases, the dentist may temporarily place a piece of soft woven cord string in the gums around the tooth, or do additional procedures, to push the gums away for a better impression / scan. This is usually removed immediately after the impression / scan.,Step 5: If your dental crown is expected to take some time for processing, the dentist may use the original small impression of your tooth to immediately make a tooth-colored temporary crown for you to wear. The temporary crown is temporarily glued onto the tooth with cement that is easier for your dentist to remove.,Step 6: When the crown is ready, the dentist fits the crown onto the tooth and adjusts it to fit the space as needed. If all is well, the crown is permanently cemented onto the tooth. An X-ray may be taken at this stage to check that all looks good.,While dental crowns protect teeth well, they can still chip / break if under heavy use and they can still decay at the natural tooth portions! Proper brushing / flossing is always a must!,Visit us at:,or,Call us at: 93836121,



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