Should You Even Give Brainwave Entrainment A Try?

Brainwave entrainment is a relatively unknown technology that synchronizes your brainwaves to vibrate to the frequency of an external stimulus. This stimulus can be visual or audio in nature but the latter is more popular. The common forms of audio brainwave generators are binaural beats, isochronic tones and monaural beats.,Brainwave synchronization works by tuning your brain to the brainwave frequency most conducive to certain behavior or outcome. Beta brain waves, for instance, are most conducive to activities which require you to be alert. Alpha brain waves, on the other hand, are excellent for getting into a deep state of meditation.,Synchronizing your brainwaves to a certain state will help you to achieve the outcome you desire. So should you consider using these mind machines over other methods for getting the results you want?,Let’s take a closer look at some facts about brainwave generators.,BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT HAS BEEN TESTED AND PROVEN TO WORK,Over 70 years of research has gone into testing the effects of brainwave entrainment on people.,Scientists from various institutes had pr oven that external stimuli can synchronize both hemispheres of the brain to work in harmony to certain brainwave states.,Amongst them are Dr. Lester Fehmi, director of the Princeton Behavioral Medicine and Biofeedback Clinic, who confirmed that binaural beats can lead to hemispheric synchronization and brain entrainment.,Dr Gerald Oster of Mt Sinai Medical Center has also published a paper in the Scientific American in which he stated how “entrainment” of brain wave patterns could influence our capacity to learn, be creative, memorize, be in charge of our moods, lower stress, resolve unwanted behavior patterns, and a multitude of other advantages.,BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT IS SAFE TO USE,The decades of research has also shown that brain entrainment is safe to use. Of course, because brainwave synchronization affects the brain, pregnant women, people with epilepsy or people who operate heavy machinery should not use it.,Other than this caveat, it doesn’t give rise to any ill effects, unlike psychosomatic drugs which can produce pretty strong side effects in its users.,BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT CAN HELP YOU ENJOY THE BENEFITS YOU WANT FASTER AND MORE EASILY,As I’ve mentioned, brainwave entrainment can bring about the benefit you’re after by synchronizing your brain waves to certain frequencies. Amongst its various benefits, it can help you reduce stress and anxiety, induce deep sleep, promoting creativity, lucid dreaming and manifestation. and even achieve a meditative state.,While you’ll need months, and even years, to enjoy the effects of meditation, brainwave entrainment requires much less time and effort. All you’ll need to do is to relax and listen to the brainwave CD or MP3 recording, with or without headphones depending on whether binaural beats or isochronic tones are used. Best of all, most brainwave generators or mind machines don’t cost a lot.,As you can see, brainwave entrainment is not some new fad in neuroscience that has suddenly appeared out of thin air. Decades of research has gone into testing out its efficacy and safety. With this powerful technology, you can also achieve the emotional states or behavioral outcomes you desire easily and quickly. Brainwave entrainment is therefore worth a try.

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