Gym Workout Routines for Women

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Staying healthy and fit these days is very important and vital for organs. Everyday there is a new type of junk food getting launched in the market. People are becoming obese because of the lifestyle they have. If you are not able to stay healthy, then you are getting surrounded by diseases. Therefore, to avoid all the complication, regular working out is very essential. One should exercise at least one hour daily. This keeps our brain going and keeps us away from diseases. For women after a certain age, their bodies start getting very weak. Hence they should perform various exercises on a daily basis.,There are a lot of gym workout routines for women to try out. If you are a new in the gym, then you can simply start with cardio exercises. Cardio exercises include jogging, brisk walking, skipping and cycling. These workout routines are very effective to lose weight instantly. Besides cardio, you can also do some interval training. Women with belly fat can lose all that with the help of this workout regime. It also helps in building stamina. This workout is considered to be the best for ladies because it gives a nice shape to the legs along with a flat belly. For example, in this exercise you are required to run on a treadmill for 45 seconds and then reduce your speed. You can then take an interval by walking for another 90 seconds. In this manner you can keep repeating the cycle. At least take 6 intervals to make your workout more effective.,It is said that women should not lift dumbbells. This is because dumbbells give them muscles. Well, this is an absolute myth. Ladies can pick up dumbbells but only till a certain extent. One should pick up dumbbells of a kilo or maximum 5 kg’s. Ground exercises like squats, yoga and crunches can also be performed. Your gym workout regime should be balance of all exercises. One should not concentrate only on one exercise because then their entire body will not get affected. These days Kettlebell workouts are becoming very popular. Kettlebell is basically a dumbbell sort of metal ball with a holding handle on top. This is held in both the hands like dumbbells. It is a great exercise to tone up your thighs, hips and butt area. Every single move in this workout targets all muscles of the body. All the above mentioned gym workout routines for women can give them a great body and a healthy body.

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