Integrating The Personal Touch For Your Hair Removal Beauty Salon

A hair removal consultation is an appointment which is usually free of charge for a potential client, to view the premises, meet the electrologist and find out about the treatment. The electrologist should ensure that both his/her personal appearance and the salon are immaculate and ready for inspection.,The electrologist needs to use both verbal and non-verbal techniques during the consultation. He/she should have a calming, sympathetic approach towards the client. This will soothe the client’s worries and help with their self-esteem, regarding their individual hairgrowth problem. This in turn helps the client to relax and speak more freely about the hair problem. It also enables the electrologist and client to build up a rapport. You can only really start to recommend various hair removal methods by getting to know the person you are aiming to help on a personal level.,When the client arrives, greet them by name and introduce yourself in a confident, professional and friendly manner. These first few minutes are crucial and almost certainly decide whether you gain a new client or not. Show your potential client to a quiet, private area, position yourself on a level with the client and ensure that your body language is open.,Maintain eye contact and smile. This will certainly help the client to relax. Every consultation will be different regardless of gender, but the following should always be considered: observe the client’s body language. Consider whether she or he is nervous, fidgety, has arms crossed and if she/he makes eye contact. This information will enable you to gauge the client’s emotional state.,Explain clearly that you will have to record a few personal details, regarding her or his medical history, contra-indications, lifestyle etc, to establish whether or not the client is suitable for whatever permanent hair removal treatment you may have to offer. Explain that electrolysis is not appropriate for everyone and do not be frightened to say if the client’s lifestyle prevents her or him from being a good candidate for electrolysis. You can offer her/him alternative short-term treatments.,This is also the time to find out what the client’s expectations are. What does she/he already know about electrolysis? Let the client know they can interrupt you at any time to ask questions or clarify information.,You will also need to explain that electrolysis is a course of treatment and not a miracle cure. It is a long-term solution to unwanted hairgrowth. It works by gradually thinning the hair problem out, just like watching a man going bald. Firstly there are 200 hairs, then 150, 100, 50, 20 until eventually there is no hair growth left. Success!! Be honest and explain that there will be a percentage of regrowth, and why. State that it is difficult to predict how long a course of treatment will take, as everyone responds differently and it requires personal and financial commitment and time from both the client and electrolysist for treatment to be successful.,Confirm that the client understands this and assure her or him of your ability, qualifications, hygiene practices and commitment to solve this problem.,Ask the client what the hairgrowth problem is, even if it is an obvious one. Never assume that a female client with top lip hairgrowth wants that area treated, she may well be seeking treatment for another area, and this would only lead to the client being embarrassed and offended.,Discuss how long the problem has existed, trying to establish the probable cause, for example puberty, pregnancy, etc and any previous methods of hair removal and frequency of their use. You will need to ask the client if you can carry out a physical examination of the area, to establish the skin and hair type. This will enable you to tailor the treatment to meet the client’s individual needs. Discussion should follow on the skin and hair type present and the best probable method of epilation to use, ie shortwave diathermy, galvanic or the blend method.,I would suggest you then offer a short test treatment to establish the client’s pain threshold, strength and depth of hairgrowth, prior to discussing the cost of treatment, frequency of treatment and duration of each session for this particular client.,Finally, explain what the skin tissues will look like, and that there are no side effects, when being treated by a competent and skilled professional. Although there will be an initial localized reaction by the skin tissues, such as localized swelling, erythema and warmth, but this will disappear quickly, depending on skin type and sensitivity – usually within a few hours. Check if the client has any more questions for you to answer and confirm that she/he fully understands the procedure, time and cost involved before embarking on a course of treatment. If the client is confident that this is what she or he wants, you can complete the record card and ask her or him to sign it if the details are correct. You now have two choices, either to offer the client a short immediate treatment, if time permits, or book a treatment for a later date. Your potential client now should feel comfortable with the salon environment, the electrologist and the idea of solving a long-term problem.

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