Celebrity Diet: Should We Or Shouldn’t We?

Losing weight is arguably one of the most thought about things amongst women. There’s always something we’re not quite happy with and just wish we could alter.,With so many ways to lose weight though, we can definitely alter how we look.,But which celebrity diets actually work?,There are so many options that these celebs choose but should we do as they do or steer clear?,Marisa Peer, a leading psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, lets us into the secret of some of these celebrity diets and tells us which we should try and which we should avoid.,Jennifer Lopez looks great, doesn’t she? After having twins and dropping from 12 stone to eight, most of us were left wondering how she did it. The diet only allows you to eat from a list of ‘allowed’ protein and there has to be ‘one protein only day’ a week.,Diet: The Dukan Diet,Marisa says yes to this celebrity diet. Protein helps to repair tissue, muscle, bone, nerves… it’s a building food. And if you eat the protein with carbs, it’ll slow down the process of starch to sugar!,And how about choosing a baked potato with tuna instead of beans and pasta with fish or chicken and not tomato sauce? If it worked for J-Lo, it can work for us, too. And the best bit about this celebrity diet… it only took six months!,Jennifer Hudson gained four stone when she was pregnant. But the Weight Watchers Pro Points Plan helped her drop from 16 stone to ten!,You can eat whatever you like within a set amount of points per day. And what makes this wonderful plan even better is that it tracks the amount of calories and saturated fat in the foods that you choose. Points are simply assigned to food according to how they’re processed by the body.,To this celebrity diet Marisa says yes! This plan allows you to see that it’s about carbs and not calories.,So how about simply eating less and walking more? It worked for Dawn French so it could work for you, too!,She ate omelettes rather than big meals and lost four stone, dropping from a size 24 to a size 16 in only ten months. Marisa says yes to this celebrity diet. With eggs being the purest food after breast milk, they contain so many vitamins and minerals that our body needs and the best bit about eating eggs is that they’re extremely filling.,Another celebrity diet that has been tried and tested is the Cabbage Soup Diet. Andrea McLean went from ten stone to nine in four weeks with this diet. Although four weeks may seem appealing to many, it may not be a good idea to choose this celebrity diet for the long run. Marisa thinks that this should only be done for a few days. Any longer and the body will be forced to use up its fat reserves due to the lack of calories and will suffer from the important minerals that it won’t be getting. So although soup is a great meal replacement, it is only great for a quick fix!,The Lighter Life Diet saw Pauline Quirke drop from 19 stone to 13 in six months. This celebrity diet means you have to give up food altogether and replace your meals with four Food pack drinks a day. Your calorie intake per day would be 500-600 so weight loss is fast. The nearer you get to your target weight is when you can begin to reintroduce food.,To this diet, Marisa says no. yes, it may work short term and contain vitamins and minerals that you need but, it fails miserably in the long term. You’re better off taking a multivitamin as a lot of cravings come from nutritional deficiencies.,And the last celebrity ‘diet’ is the gastric band. Fern Britton lost six stone and went from a size 22 to a size ten with this invasive surgery. Although the band helped Fern, it doesn’t always work out to be a success. Take Vanessa Feltz for example, she hasn’t been so lucky. Marisa suggests visualizing your stomach being the size of your fist. She also suggests eating slowly so that your body can register that it is feeling full.,Marisa has helped many people battle and overcome their weight issues.

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